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The Lottery System
Hello everyone, i would like to hear your opinions about the lottery systems. the gambling game that everyone plays it with a small chance to win. i have heard that mathematicians people have solved the lotto puzzle and won the lotto around 14 times less or more. how do you think the lotto works? is it really possible to solve the lotto "puzzle"? and how do you think they have done that?
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I never tried these type of luck games from childhood but I seen some members really won big amount of lottery I parents before use to play but they never won anything insteady neighbors and family relatives earn many gifts it all depends on luck
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Hey @OldMeister,

You know I've been interested in lottery since childhood. This system amused me a lot and I used to prevail on my parents to get me tickets. I did win twice in the many attempts that I tried but ofc the prize money was big enough to cover for all previous expenses. Wink Recently, having grown up, there are other duties and responsibilities to perform so it's been a few years since I haven't drawn lottery tickets.

As for your question, I really dunno if you can solve the algorithm behind the lottery system. As far as lottery in India is concerned, it's random and the winner is decided based on the numbers that pop up, and all up to the winning ticket serial ID.

Though I'd love to know if you can solve something of this sort.

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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Personally I don't think Lotteries are something that can be solved mathematically that easily because from what I know contests like these often include a random operation which, is in its nature, is random and u can't predict it lol.

Maybe lotteries have some sort of pattern that can be tracked. Perhaps you can get more information regarding ur topic from this wikipedia link.
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this wikipedia link is something similar to what i have saw and heard on the news when the people spoke about that. but i doubt it and i do not believe this way. there must be a way to improve your chances to win lottery or something else
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I believe it should depend on how the lottery systems initially design.

Some lottery systems are random by design and have no pattern to guess, so winning the games become a pure luck thing.

But some other lottery systems are designed to add patterns intentionally, so it becomes possible to guess their patterns and increase the chance to win. Smile

Lottery system are generally randoms, these is not a specific algorith to solve them. If it was the case, a lot of people would invest on a powerful computer to just elaborate the answers.

Lottery is basically luck: sort out n. numbers and pray that they are the lucky ones.
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