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VPS control Panel Comparisons (FREE)
(04-07-2021, 07:41 PM)TrK Wrote: As for some advance users who are fine with CLI there are countless stacks avaialble to be explored but if you are mainly works with WP you can take a look at wordops it's really a great tool thats comes with dashboard to track the resource usage.
Now this is interesting @TrK.  Thanks for recommending this as I was unaware of its existence. May be worth trying out. Only caveat is that installation requires Ubuntu or Debian.  But I guess it would be easy to do it with Debian then.  I'm a CentOS user mostly but have some experience working with Debian as well:

Looks like wordops could be super fast because of nginx.  

(04-07-2021, 07:41 PM)TrK Wrote: As for vps9 failing to install cyberpanel i installed using cyber panel so it might not be the best answer i could provide but for cyberpanel you need a clean server meaning no webserver or db server should be installed on your server also make sure you have removed any pre-installed packages including but not limited to httpd/apache, nginx, mariadb/mysql and/or php, make sure you have epel repo installed and also make sure you are following the "official documentation" for cyberpanel if failed to install again share the logs(ofcourse hide the sensitive info first) and some might help you with that and/or can directly contact me to see if i am free and can do it for you.
Thanks for these tips.  I really like CyberPanel and at Gigarocket tried out an end-user CyberPanel Account that was set up by @fitkoh.  He set up the database to run remotely on another VPS, but the two VPSs were on the same node.  It is the fastest hosting account I've ever had.  Fitkoh won both VPSs for a year from RackNerd.  Cyberpanel is intuitive, with many less tools than cpanel, however the tools that aren't there are tools we rarely use in cpanel.  Like cpanel has too many bells and whistles gobbling up plenty of system resources.  CyberPanel is for me a much slimmer, intuitive and more efficient and faster version of cPanel. When I used it for the first time I didn't have to Google any step once. Everything is where it has to be and accessible through right-click lightning fast. Its WordPress installation app is awesome. Like it only asks for four pieces of info then does it in record time including creating the database and database user.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

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