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Which is the best advertising company for website monetization?
Hi everyone,
 I would like to know about the advertising partners you are using to monetize your websites. I have experiences with adiquity and wapmoney. Both of them down now. Later I used infolinks during 2015 along with cloudflare. But they just fade away from cloudflare and I lost around 50$. They don't support login to their website if we had signup through cloudflare.
I think adsense might be the best option. But approval is needed for this from google.
I would like to know which are the advertising agencies you are using or used on your websites.

Thank you  Sweet

So if your website drives a niche product you may use a service called carbon. I love their small ads, but I never used their ads service before. Google ads are good for high bandwidth traffics.
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I would say you should go for Google Adsense, Alot of my sites has been approved and i made not that high amount but yes a decent amount of money out of it. Once your website is approved it is really easy to setup and takes no time!
Approval usually takes 3 days, but my site was approved in a day!
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Nowadays, apart from Google AdSense, it is not easy to find a reliable advertising agency for website monetization.

Infolinks is actually quite reliable, and I am still using it on some of my blogs.

@Littlemaster Did you try to contact Infolinks if you have problem logging into their website?

I guess if you could provide proof of your account ownership, they should be able to fix the problem for you. Smile

@tryp4vps it was a longtime ago, I had tried to contact them by my cloudflare registered email. After some mails they said it can only be accessible through cloudflare dashboard only as I have registered by their dashboard. Since there was minimum 100$ requirements for payout I had to give up. Later cloudflare stopped their service or it became outdated cloudflare app.

Thank you  Sweet

I did have a tech blog before and Google AdSense was my monetization partner. Yes, it requires approval from Google but trust me you do not need a vast website for it. I had a simple WordPress website with about 10 posts when I applied for Google AdSense and they approved me. I made about $104, which I used for family needs then, before closing down the blog. I didn't have money to renew the domain and after that cPanel hiked their price and the free cPanel hosting I was using shut down abruptly and I lost all the website files. I haven't have made a blog since then but if you have good enough traffic on your website AdSense can be a really good advertising and revenue source.

The minimum withdrawal for AdSense is $100 however, so you have got to be patient while your money builds up and then verify your identity and withdraw your money. In my case, I had to use Dad's ID since I was 15 back then and they require you to be an adult to operate an AdSense account.
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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As someone who has been working with ad networks for more than a decade, I can tell you the question is not that simple. There are plenty of high-quality Ad networks which pay a lot. The problem is they do expect the same quality from your site, total worth for their money. For example, there are networks like Monumetric, AdThrive, Mediavine, etc. They pay so well. But also they require your site to have at least 80000-100000 visitors per month and a majority from the USA or at least from North America.

Then there is Google AdSense which doesn't ask you much except a well-established website. They used to pay so well, I used to get 50 cent USD clicks !! But now I haven't seen even a 25 cent click for so long time. Mostly just 10 cent clicks. But very little headaches with them. and they are found with most of the web traffic regardless of geo location.

These days I'm mostly focusing on Amazon Associates Program. You earn about 4% from many things people buy through your links. But for some items, you get just 1%. They used to pay up to 8.5% depending on volume. but not anymore.

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