How to connect my server?
To connect your server you have to first make sure what OS is installed on your VPS and connection details from your VPS application thread includes server IP, Username, password and port(if any).

For Linux VPS
You have to connect through SSH like on a linux platform just use ssh [email protected] and enter the server password when asked, while on windows you have to rely on a client that support shh like Putty(you can download it from here, after downloading it open it and fill out the connection details like server ip and port it will ask you the username and password when hit the connect(open) button.
The second option is to use by the help of VNC but for VNC you have to make sure your server support VNC by default servers are not able to use VNC unless configured properly except for some VPS providers who don't SHH by default they provide VNC instead of SSH. To connect by VNC download and install any VNC client like realVNC and connect using the details provided in application thread(or if you setup these by yourself).

For Windows VPS
To connect with your Windows server from windows platform simply open "Remote Desktop Connection from your start menu > All programs > Accessories and enter your server ip and enter user name(default administrator) and password if prompt following by your application thread.
To connect to your windows server from Linux Platform you have to install a RDP client package like "Remmina Remote Desktop Client" and follow the the on-screen instructions after installing and opening the RDP client.
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