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Got any SEO Advice for Newbs?
Hey there, I have been a website developer for quite sometime now. I worked with many complicated websites however most of the work I did only concerns the backend. I've never really had a chance to tackle the stuffs about SEO. I know quite some few things like meta tags, h1 titles and simple stuff like this. But I guess these are common and most websites have this already, so being new to SEO, what could make a website really hit the tops on search engine listings?
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Backlinks, domain aging, popularity on social media are also considered by Google.
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Meta tags and H tags are already becoming history. There are are other on page SEO factors to consider. Title, content, internal links, proper use of images, Social signals etc. These days the most important thing is content.
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Backlinks really help to improve the SEO, but make sure you are not posting your links at those websites that doesn't have good SEO rank. If you have a lot of backlinks, then it can be a problem. Just at some good websites which helps a lot.
Another thing that you have to take care is of page title, description. There are a lot of online softwares which will let you know if it is good for SEO.
Then the last is how you do marketing, being active on social media also helps.
When it comes to Back-Links you need to be very careful these days. backlinks still have a great value but only if you have great content. Also You need to make sure these are not spammy. These days you must create a Google Webmaster tools accounts and monitor your backlinks as well as watch out for any Google penalties which shows in your account.
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