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Cheap Web Hosting - DopeHosting
@perryoo11 Yes you somehow are right but not in my case.

You can call it nulled only if you haven't pay the license but you keep using and you totally have access to control it.
In my case i've delay the payment of license sometimes. And i didn't had access even to login as admin to whmcs! Is this called nulled?

@youssefbasha yes and no. or maybe. i'm not sure. But if i Totally setup OpenStack then yes! But it's hard and i'm alone working with it!
Wow , From This Post ,Now I Know we can check a legality of a WHMCS User , So Very Interested Smile
And @dopeboy , Very Interesting Offer , Nice Template Of Your Website , But Why DopeHosting didn't Provide game Server for minecraft users ?
Sorry My Bad English, I am Trying To Make Quality Post
Thanks To Host4Fun And Post4VPS For The VPS 1
Don't Click Me!
@Arkiven4 Thank you,

About game servers, we have add some, ex Counter Strike 1.6, and i have provide 2 Free MTA servers for testing purposes, But today i will travel to somewhere i don't have time to add more, but sure minecraft will be added not just that but even more, i will start to work with it in 2 days!
(12-16-2017, 04:25 PM)dopeboy Wrote:  Hi. 
I'm the owner of DopeHosting . I will not try to be mad with you and others because first thing when someone see that unauthorized alert is "They are using a nulled software" .

But as this post is in search engines when someone search about us, i come just to inform you that we never used a nulled software. The '' some months ago was used just for free clients and sometimes our payment to whmcs was delayed and this is the reason.

@youssefbasha thank you for the share.

That $ 3 personal hosting package suits to my need though the storage is 50 GB with add-on domains and bandwidth unmetered.

Also, Glad to know you dopeboy as the owner of dopehosting as I have used your hosting for free in an offer. It was quite good hosting I had used so far with free SSL and protection.
since you had hosting like dope.. why you want to help them ? help your own hosting dude..
Thanks to Post4VPS and Host4Fun  for the Awesome VPS-1

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