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Multi theft auto :San Andreas
Hello all I wanna tell you my MTA server which you can find at MTA and join my server to have fun about my server my server name is Default united gaming (freeroam) its a freeroam mode where all skins,events,maps,bases,some own scripts which were scripted by me like speakers,disable GUI,disable warp,etc... Consists in default united gaming ,the peak of players daily we get -30/500 its low but itshosted before just 2 months ago ,until I buy top 14 positions for MTA I can't get 100+ players in my server mostly all servers which are running successfully with players use this method of buying ,it like promoting there server ,join my server and see the special features we have we are looking for 2 moderators &2 wardens ( 2 pro mappers)
Visit my server -/
Owner& dev - amazing casino (me)
Admin &Dev - the mog
Smod - wicked & Corey
Moderators & wardens - we are hiring
If anyone is wanna work with us pls contact me and before you contact us pls do visit default united gaming once so that you can see the features of my server !!
Thanks for Host4Fun for Sponsorship and Thanks @Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 1
[Image: img.php?userid=726]
what the fuck is that ?
advertising your server or what ?.. man make it more good(your style Sad )
i'll try to visit your server tomorrow ..
Thanks to Evolution Host And Post4VPS For VPS-10
its nice to see that there are more people that having this old game to Tongue
Thanks To Post4Vps& For VPS6!

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