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Host4Fun Budget VPS Hosting
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50OFF! Game Servers! - Proximity.Host.
[Image: logo.png]

Hello everyone!
We are providing 50OFF on shared hosting and SA-MP hosting on annual billing. You can use the following code "50OFF" while checking out.

SA-MP 1 :
  • 100 Slots
  • DDOS Protection
  • Open Game Panel
  • FR or US Location
  • 2$/pm. 20$/py.               Use code "50OFF[b]" to get 50% discount! Applies to annually only![/b]
  • [b][Image: buy.jpg][/b]

SA-MP 2 :
  • 500 Slots
  • DDoS Protection
  • Open Game Panel
  • FR or US Location
  • 5$/pm. 50$/py.              Use code "50OFFto get 50% discount! Applies to only annually only!
  • [Image: buy.jpg]

SA-MP 3 : 
  • 1000 Slots
  • DDoS Protection
  • Open Game Panel
  • FR or US Location
  • 8$/pm. 80$/py.              Use code "50OFFto get 50% discount! Applies to only annually only!  
  • [Image: buy.jpg]

Contact Us!
Tel : +923052726901
Email : [email protected]
Support Ticket : Contact Us.

Live Chat :
Support Department : Opened 24/7 Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Billing Department : Opened 24/7 Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

We accept [Image: cryptocurrency_blockchain_coin_crypto_btc_-01-512.png] and [Image: paypal-icon.svg].
Wow.. nice web, i like it :o and between change your signature( - not working :d)
Thanks to Post4VPS and Host4Fun  for the Awesome VPS-1
Nice, seems good prices for a new host.
Good luck :d
But try not to copy some topics from another sites as at forum the adv rules and etc..
Gimme +rep Heart
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Thanks For Post4VPS and VPSlices for the amazing VPS 4
1K slot is lot of slot . for starter i reccomend the 100 slots one . it is already big enough actually and it is cheap for just $20 / year you can build your sa-mp community . i personally dont play samp but it is a great deal for samp player

thanks for offering
Thanks To Virmach And Post4VPS for the glorious VPS9

[Image: 76nttN]
Well good luck I suggest you to make slots from 30-500 enough don't use 1k slots for such cheap price the more cheap you sell more doubts will be rised for customers and give a local payment also for local countryes many local country don't have PayPal ,credit card like India ,for India we take paytm payment hop you will add some local payments
Do some adds on MTA and samp official forums you will get members from there !!
Thanks for Host4Fun for Sponsorship and Thanks @Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 1
[Image: img.php?userid=726]

MTA sanandreas developer & Co-founder at

Hey trhere everyone, This offer is still valid! Hurry Up and grab it.

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