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Host4Fun Budget VPS Hosting
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Proximity.Host | Affordable Shared Hosting Packages!
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☆ About Us : Proximity.Host is a re-brand of AlphaHost, Which started in October 2016. We are a team of 3 members managing the company. We aim to provide affordable and excellent service. We also have free related services like Game Servers And Shared Hosting.

☆ Services : Shared Hosting , Game Servers , Reseller Hosting.

☆ Shared Hosting Packages : 

[Image: Untitled1.png]
                    [Image: 123.png]                               [Image: 123.png]                            [Image: 123.png]                 [Image: 123.png]

All accounts are provisioned in few minutes after we receive the payment. If you are not satiesfied with the service you can have your money back!

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Contact Us :

Contact Us :

Phone : +923052726901
Email : [email protected]
Support : Contact Us.
Best plans and good job hope you succeed your goal and earn more money
Thanks for Host4Fun for Sponsorship and Thanks @Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 1
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MTA sanandreas developer & Co-founder at

I feel like the $1 plan is too lacking in space. 1GB isn't really enough for web hosting. Even like blogs or WordPress..
If you run out of space. We will provide some more space for free Smile
(02-11-2018, 07:49 AM)Abdul Sami Wrote:  If you run out of space. We will provide some more space for free Smile

Hm? How much space will you give? How much will we should pay? I guess you should increase your space, even Heliohost give you that much for free, and unlimited bandwidth :p.
What you need to do to stay active in the cPanel (you only need to login) and you don't need to be active on their forums afterall.
We can give another GB or 2-3 GB. We won't charge much. Maybe a .5$ or a 1$. HelioHost is free and have much server load.
(02-11-2018, 11:54 AM)Abdul Sami Wrote:  HelioHost is free and have much server load.

Yep, Heliohost is free, but if you choose Johnny, yes, the server is high loaded, but if you choose Tommy, it's not high as Johnny does, it's better.

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