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If location of IP is Buffalo US and Datacenter Germany where is VPS located?[SOLVED]
(10-13-2018, 01:27 PM)AmirGT Wrote:  The country of any IP can be changed in any second, my friend owns an ASN and he changed /30 IPv4 to Antarctica, if I got a server from him with that IP, does that mean that my VPS is located in AQ? Surely not, its located where his hardware located so if he put it in Hetzner FSN Datacentre so my server is in Germany and Germans will get good ping to it and the IP will remains in AQ until my friend changes the IP's country or he sells the ASN to somebody else so the new owner will be able to change the country again.

[Image: e2E0S.png]

You've got me very intrigued here!  So far I've always thought that an IP can only be tied to a single network.  If that network is located in Phoenix US you can't change it to anywhere else.  Is it possible to provide an explanation of where the above Antarctica IP was changed?  I.e. can you provide a link of where one does it?

Also, I can't see the sense of changing an IP to Antarctica if you're with a German Data Center, other than wanting to hide the IP.  That's not what this thread is about.  It's about genuine IP with genuine location.
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Yes its not possible for you (as server owner) to do it but who owns the ASN can do it, like Contabo can change the country of any of their IP ranges to anywhere like if the server is located in Germany they can change the IP to Egypt, even whois will say its Egyptian but that doesn't mean Egyptians will have low ping to it cus the real hardware is in Germany but the IP is just geolocated. Thats what exactly what my friend has done, just go to RIPE or wherever your IPs on and from the dashboard you can edit it
[Image: k7x5n.png]

Also changing it looks cool like your IP is Antarctica so you can brag Tongue . I know its about the German IP but I'm telling you checking the country of IPs isn't always correct so you can try to ping it from American or German servers or use to do that. Big Grin

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