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About OHosti
Hello, when I type the keyword on Google "Free Hosting", I happen to see, there are many great free packages, but I do not know if it is real or just scam, Hope everyone for the comments
Of course, it is a well known trusted "SCAMMER" website. They have never activated anyone's product and has a very bad reputation for the same. It is my advice for you to not enter any of your personal data on their website as it can be harmful for your privacy.

The above review is based on my personal experience and reported by other peoples.

Sorry for lulposting xd

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ohosti is a farming site.
you give them real customer information they sell it to third party.
It's just like 3jelly and scammer site. and most of these kind of sites earn by clicking and captcha entering procedure. also they collect personal data information with registration process.

During one of my dumbest moments a couple of years ago I signed up with them. I then did my research after and discovered exactly what perryoo11 said. What made me feel doubly dumb was I was very active at the time with, and there was a great thread there from Hidden Refuge that contained shared hosts that should be avoided at all costs. Ohosti was one of them.

What I then did was to go into my account with Ohosti and changed all of the user info in it. Not sure whether that helped - but at least I tried to rectify the problem. They won't be able to use any of the info in it - but not sure whether they took the info during the first time I signed up. I'll probably never know.
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I used ohosti before when i search for free cpanel hosting (which is doesnt exist) . and after a few days of registering my host get suspended for no reason . It uses cpanel and i also try requesting the reseller one but it stuck at pending

And yes it is just a farming site . Why give cpanel host for free? The cpanel itself is costly not counting the cost of the server , etc
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