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Sites which help you to Stay updated about SEO
Search engine optimization is something which updates everyday. What worked yesterday doesn't work today and what works today won't work tomorrow. Sometimes things which gave you amazing results few years ago can put your site out of Google search with penalties. Also you can often see in forums people still believe in long gone SEO techniques. Google search is not the best place to learn about SEO because sometimes rank at top are already months or years old. So you should keep an eye on SEO Specialized Blogs and journals. So here are some good sites which let you know about latest news in SEO world.

01 Google Webmaster Blog : Link
Today search engine optimization is all about Google search. Yahoo and MSN are insignificant compared to Google search. If you rank for Google then you probably rank for other 2 without a problem. So their official blog gives you latest news about changes in Google search. Usually they don't tell you the whole story. Otherwise people start manipulate search so they get best result.(But again that's the whole idea of search engine optimization).
Now these other sites below talk about things Google doesn't tell you about. For example how does latest Algorithm updates work. research and experiments they have done about these updates. What really works what doesn't work anymore etc.

02. Moz Blog : Link
Moz is one of the biggest sites which offer SEO tools both free and premium. Their official blog has lots of interesting posts written by search engine optimization experts. Some of these posts won't make much sense for absolute beginners but its worth keeping and eye on this one.

03. SearchEngineJournal : Link
This is one of the biggest SEO news sites out there. You can learn latest information about search engine optimization, paid advertising, Internet Marketing etc from their posts.

04. SearchEngineLand : Link
This site is similar to above site and full of interesting and latest news about these subject.

So these are main sites but there are plenty of other good sites where you can learn about latest news of search engine optimization.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~


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