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How many Personal Email addresses Do you have ?
i still have 7 email working and used by my phone and by my pc usually i use these mails for some apps for rewards and offers purpose and i have 2 main emails in which i have all personal details data like bank accounts links etc..
I have lot of them but some of them i forgot the password so i cant access it anymore

It is great to have lot of email to separate work email and email to receive spam. But most people use this teqnique to have many account and that is why most site now prefer the mobile phone verification instead
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I got... 3 or 4, I forgot.

One for company to send spam purposes
Another one for my friend and my relations, this email not really active because I don't really have so much email to be received or send.
Third is.. idk, I never use it. HAHAH
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I have 7 emails account (5 Gmails, 2 from PiratesHosting) i personally used 3 of them and recently i got 1 GSuite .edu email account.
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I do not too many active personal email addresses.

But I do have 2 outlook email addresses for my main personal uses.

I also have 1 gmail address for personal usage, but I do not use it very often because I do not like Google tracking me all the time. Smile
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In old times I used to create many email accounts to foget the password of them Big Grin
I had lot of rediffmail, hotmail, yahoo, gmail accounts. Currently I am using around 4 gmail accounts and one outlook address for windows pc. I have forgot all other mail addresses. Having multiple accounts for official purposes as well.
I have two primary emails on google and yahoo. i have one more in past on msn hotmail. but i stop using it. google account is a major values in our life these days. because of android smartphones you have to registar your cell phone with google inc.

I have mostly Gmail for school and Protonmail for personal. Gmail I have 1 email that is strictly my school uses with .edu domain and I have 2 protonmail, one for general use other with my name for professional use. That's it basically. I want to keep my email streamlined and only related stuff goes to related email. There's no one email throw in all.
I think i have more than 15 account for myself only, and it have some functionality itself
  • 2 account i use for working porpose. (primary and side job)
  • 1 account for personal use.
  • 3 account is for social media use.
  • 1 account is for any downloadable website.
  • 2 account just spam of many website that i visit.
  • 2 account for gaming purpose
  • and the other is to make some experiment or trying some trial app
You know that it's hard to keep track of the password of every account that i have, so i write it on my book and bring it everywhere. until i read some article about alias on email, so for now i just only have 3 account with aliases, it's more effective than use many account.

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