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Join split files (.001, .002, ...) easily on Linux
(03-12-2019, 03:58 PM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Not to cause any confusion but actually split doesn't add any compression. It isn't an archive manager. Just really merely a tool to split files into several parts without any kind of compression.

My bad. Yes, you're right. Splitting files technique has been used by download managers. It has been seen that splitting files and somehow downloading it has been effective and has worked to make the Internet speed a bit faster than to download at once. I'm not sure but as far as I have seen, it has proven to be faster.

Sorry for lulposting xd

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This splitting is slightly different. It is a big file being cut into smaller pieces to help with its storage and transmission operations.

Splitting during downloading is called multithreaded download which takes advantage of the servers' ability to communicate the address of the current data chunk being sent and to resume. That way you can start downloading multiple parts of a file simultaneously which helps increase speed by utilising full throughput (per thread data transfer limits are rare, but another thing it sidesteps to increase speed).

'Full throughput ?'

well. tcp/ip starts with a low transfer rate and increases it until it starts seeing error of missing packets which is supposed to be from packet dropped in transit due to buffer full / more in than out. Now the servers starts lowering rate until the errors disappear. This lowering is often aggressive and leaves room for higher rate.

So both are splitting file. but one is on the fly and might use compression.
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What is Manjaro Linux?
I didn't try it before on my main pc, i just tried the normal windows and fedora
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(03-14-2019, 05:33 AM)youssefbasha Wrote:  What is Manjaro Linux?
I didn't try it before on my main pc, i just tried the normal windows and fedora

Manjaro Linux ist a popular Arch Linux based Linux Distribution.
Nice tutorial @Hidden Refuge.

I am interested to know why Manjaro Linux is chosen as your main OS though.

I mean why don't use Arch Linux directly as it should be more popular. Is there any benefit of using Manjaro over other distros?
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I thought we were still splitting files.
Why not open a new thread ? 'Advantages / benefits of using Manjaro linux' Or whatever.
This thread is really going off topic.
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