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The Last Movie You Watched
Watched Alien 2 movie again. I have watched this one several times and I have to say its a really good movie. Those effects look funny but considering it was released in 1984 I can't blame them. We are now too used to superb CGI effects. They should do a remake of this movie.
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Hmm Last time I watched

The Hobbit The Battle Of Five Armies & Rise Of Guardian

I do like movies but I rarely watch them because my work is piling up
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Hmm the last movie that I watched is a Filipino romantic comedy movie titled All You Need Is Pag-ibig (All You Need is LOVE), I watched it with my wife while we are eating our mid night snacks.
i really rarely watch movie simply because it isnt productive and wasting time . i even forget last movie that i watched . the nearest thing to movie is i watch is youtube video but most of what i watch is not a movie either
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Yesterday evening I've watched "The Informant!" (IMDB) with Matt Damon from 2009. To be honest the end was pretty weird. Things suddenly turned around into a weird way that was different from the whole rest of the story. I don't really know what to say. Honestly it seemed a bit like wasted time.
Last night I happened by accident to watch the old classic movie with Demi Moore and Tom Cruise - A few good men (1992).  I thought I'd just take a quick look for a minute or two as I must have watched int three times before at various intervals during the years, but before I knew it I was as gripped with the movie as before.  Jack Nicholson in that movie is epic.  From the moment they visited Guatanomo Bay and Jack Nicholson started his part in the movie, this was really great stuff.  Wow, is that guy a good actor ever.  The interplay between the actors was excellent.  Think this is one movie that will probably be always a great movie.  It was just so well put together with some great acting.
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