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The Last Movie You Watched
Yesterday I have watched two movies.

One of them was Outrage Coda (IMDB) from 2017. Outrage Coda is third movie in the Outrage movie series. Outrage is a movie series about bloody fights within the Japanese Yakuza between different families and clans. One of my favorite Japanese actors is playing one of the leading roles: Takeshi Kitano. He's always the cool and crazy Yakuza who handles every situation to his advantage and always escapes death in fights. I think Coda is the last movie of the series but I won't spoil anyone. It is a great movie and movie series. Just watch it yourself.

THe other movie I watched was The First Purge (IMDB) from 2018. That's the fourth movie in the Purge movie series. It is as the title suggests about purging. The purge is a special night that happens once during a year where all crimes are legal and people are allowed to kill whoever the like, rob stores and etc. This according to the movies story reduces stress and etc. It's one of those crazy American movies that are probably very well sponsored by the NRA or some other gun fan club thing. It wasn't that bad but absolutely no match for the first two movies from the Purge movie series.
Watched the movie, Mission Impossible : Fallout. Personally I don't think it's good as last 2 movies but still it's very entertaining. I wonder how long Tom Cruise can keep doing these high action movies. He is getting old and pretty much like Jacky Chain I don't think he can do it like it used to be.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Xmen apocalypse.
I know it's kinda old but that's what i watched the last time i remember  Big Grin
Today i watched the movie " Jatt James Bond ". Its full of comedy. love and action.It is a indian punjabi movie.Story is about the some poor farmers who stole a bank.
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Yesterday i've watch Superhero's Best movie yeah "The Dark Knight" whatever people say DC is fail but still "The Dark Knight" Best movie of superheros of all time. Such a great acting by Late Heath Ledger (Joker)

Actually i wasn't movies fan i prefer YouTube videos but i have watched these movies already unfortunately not in correct order as everyone can see marvel movies are connected with each other because it their universe so i started from Iron men (first movie of Marvel) this morning i've watched Hulk next is "Iron Men 2"
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Watching RAMPAGE. great movie of the great hero The Rock. full of action with beasts.
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I had stop watching movies I'm just bussy in playing MTA not worried of my future idk why xd
Just watched a comedy movie named My Boss, it includes funny scenes and the main character marries his boss. He overrules her and takes dominion.

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