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The Last Movie You Watched
My last movie was of Marvel.....
It was Ant-Man and the Wasp.....
I liked that movie very much!
Right now waiting for Avengers next part!
Extraction (2015) with Bruce Willis and unknown (to me) actors Kellan Lutz and Gina Carano.  I was very excited as I thought I'd found a movie that I hadn't seen before with one of my favourite action stars Bruce Willis, and then that feeling didn't last long as the movie completely bored me.  No wonder there wasn't a lot of noise made about the movie when it was on the circuit.  Bruce Willis, a veteran CIA agent gets abducted, and his son with a few personal issues, goes rogue in order to "extract" him.  It was an action for action sake movie that was very loose jointed - didn't flow smoothly, and the plot just didn't work for me.  5/10 (just because it's Bruce Willis - otherwise I'd have scored it 2/10)
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Watched VENOM from MARVELS. action in horror. but story not too good. graphics are great. 7/10

(Yesterday, 09:39 AM)sagher Wrote:  Watched VENOM from MARVELS. action in horror. but story not too good. graphics are great. 7/10

Venom is character of marvel but movie by Sony because sony have spider-men and it's anti-heros rights.

By the way, I've downloaded it Big Grin will watch it tonight then review but before that i watched MCU all movies in order (infinity war left).
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