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Social Media Links for SEO
So how fo you use social media links for SEO purpose ? If we make profiles in all social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc will we able to use that for Google rankings ?
Yes and No. We don't know exactly Google using these social signals for their ranking Algorithm. We make sure to have enough social signals for the site just in case if Google check these too. But in other ways social signals are very important to your site.

For example create a Facebook fanpage and Also Twitter account for your website and make sure to use website name in url. after a month or 2 you will see these profiles rank below your site in Google search. Also you will get traffic from all these social media websites, not only from Facebook and Twitter but also from other sites like Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc.
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hmm that makes sense. I guess I will create a profile in all popular social media sites out there. That will improve credibility of my web site.

btw could you plz PM yr Skype ? I have few questions related to vps3.
Sooner or later Social media will surpass search engine traffic and Google will have less importance. The way things going today it's bound to happen. Unless Google do something dramatic revolutionizing search engines again. Meaning even if you main traffic source is Google it's better register the brand name as user id in as many as big social sites you could.
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Having a social media account may not worth if you do not have visitors from there, social medias basically are also websites, you may not receive a backlink from tem, between backlink seems having less importance now, but the count of visitorss you have and the quality of your content is more important, having social media presence and update in facebook, google, twitter may help you, but sometime apps like whatsapp may backfire you if you are having a community, people will be active in whatsapp, not in the website.
Well there is another way these profiles could help in SEO even thought it's not directly. Even thought backlinks from these sites have little value these social sites like Facebook, Twitter has massive authority. So a profile which means a page from these sites can make a big impact on your keyword or brand. Like lets say if you create set of profiles targeting your brand or keyword. Soon you will find all these profiles pages rank along with your site for same keyword in Google. Thats no matter which link Google visitor clicks on search result it takes them to your site at end.

As traffic directly from the profile page won't happen unless you optimize it correctly and have a real follower base.
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Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

nowdays people for some reason are prefer to access information on social media then on website because for some reason they are lazy to write the domain name in the browser and visit it . but if you have big follower base and have website link in the profile some of your follower base probably visit it
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