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Video downloader
(04-19-2017, 07:00 AM)sagher Wrote:  I am using only one. IDM Internet Download Manager. easy popup addon for chrome, mozilla,. best automated app if updated.

right . with internet download manager it is very simple to download video not only for youtube but for other site too not only that but funny enough IT CAN BE USED TO DOWNLOAD GOOGLE TRANSLATE VOICE . i accendientaly found it while opening google translate and i can download the voice that generated by google translate

but i dont have time for installing idm and for downloading i use torrent most of the time . i rarely using direct download for huge file
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Ofc Internet Download Manager
for me, it's easy to use/understand :3 + fast
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If i download video from youtube and other . I like to use savefromnet . Just add "ss" before and we can able to download video . Sorry if out of topic
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