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20 posts reminder e-mails stopped from July
Note that this announcement does not apply to our VPS Holders who complete their 20 posts well before the end of the month on a regular basis.  Some of our most valued VPS Holders also make many more posts than 20 posts and we are very appreciative for their interest and effort to create a sense of community in the Forum.

Please note that this month I had to send e-mail reminders to more than half of the VPS Holders.  For me to send the reminders by e-mail takes time. I have to look up the e-mail addresses in the VPS Requests and copy paste them.  I also have to get the e-mail host up and running and prepare the e-mail.  If it is only 2 or 3 members, I still grumble, but that is doable, I only have to look up 2 to 3 e-mail addresses.  But past 4 members is too much to ask. And an enormous waste of admin time.  So I've decided to let go of e-mail reminders with effect of July.  

VPS Holders who are:

1. in the habit of making their posts only towards the end of the month, or
2. are in the habit of only making 20 posts some of which are low quality one-liners with a good chance of being deleted,

must check in regularly at the Forum to receive PM notifications to check they have made 20 posts.  Again, you may have 20 posts noted on your counter, but if you only make 20 posts and a post gets deleted for any reason, then you haven't completed the 20 posts.  You have only completed 19 posts.  You need to check the posts you've made for the month and whether they've been deleted.  You do this by going into your profile, click on "Activity", then click on "Find All Posts", then check the dates of the post for the month and count only those. Posts marked in purple have been removed from the Forum and need to be deducted from the post total.

For those who are in the habit of making iffy one-liners on the last day of the month - please note if the post is deleted you will still be in breach of the 20 post rule and your VPS powered down.  If you are in the habit of making low quality posts, you logically need to make more than 20 posts to cover yourself for the eventuality that posts may be removed, particularly when you make it in the last minutes of the month.

Also note that there is no requirement for the staff to remind VPS Holders about outstanding posts. Not receiving a reminder does not absolve the VPS Holder from completing the full 20 posts before the end of the month. Reminder warnings are done as a courtesy only.  Whether you receive a reminder or not it is still the VPS Holder's responsibility to make the 20 posts before midnight (GMT time) on the last day of the month.  Failing which the VPS will be powered down on the 1st of the next month and the VPS Holder then has to reapply for the VPS with a 100$ post credit penalty deducted.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
This is to thank VPS Holders who responded as fast as they did to my above announcement. We're now down to 4 VPS Holders with missing posts from 11 yesterday. Thank you for the fast response of those who have completed their 20 posts. Cool
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
Only 2 VPS Holders still to complete their 20 posts, 1 of which is probably not going to do so:

@hamed   -   19
@TimeRider   -   5

Note that deadline for completing the 20 posts is midnight GMT time at end of today.  Failing which VPS will be powered down and added to our Giveaway of tomorrow.  

Thank you to all of the other VPS Holders who responded so positively to this Announcement.  This is much appreciated by both @Dynamo and me. Smile
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

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