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Arvancloud - (seems like)another free cdn service
   As recently I migrated my website from DDos-Guard(A russian antiddos service that provide a one-site free version of ddos protection and basic site acceleration) arvancloud (Seems like an Iran company that are providing multiple cloud services) for the frustrating connection time in China,here I'd like to talk about that and seek for your opinions.

Note as always,I am just a newbie in hosting so there might be concept errors.

Notes on the service
- Requires phone validation however not all country's phone works(at least it didn't work for me, interestingly they have a Chinese version of the site)
- AAAA records are direct dns resolution (no ipv6 support)
- CDN may not have websocket support(may not be fine for V2ray proxies etc.)

What they provide
Incoming Traffic: 50 GB
Outgoing Traffic: 50 GB
Requests: 1,000,000
Cache Purge Requests: 200
Cache Fill : 20GB
"Basic" DDos protection (no one knows exactly until an attacker is attacking you)
5 Firewall rules

General illustration
It seems like most functions are almost the same with Cloudflare Free however arvancloud includes load balancing but lacks varied DDos protection levels(They only have basic available,which says
Quote:All ArvanCloud servers protect against DDoS attacks automatically by using a combination of proven methods, which block manipulated packets and also block too many packets coming from the same source.

Well.At least for my website activates a plugin that blocks an ip using .htaccess if they request more than 30 pages within a minute,but till now I didn't see someone hitting the limit.(CDN rate limiting requires plan upgrade)

The speed,as for my sole experience,is better than Cloudflare (I know there are ways to speed up like custom dns resolution but I don't know how to do) and supersonic cdn(namecheap free cdn) in China.

They also provide a video cdn free plan,which includes 10GB storage/50GB BW.But I'd choose cloudinary or something like that as they offer transformations in free plan.

Some strings are not translated into English as they are an Iran company,and email announcements and many support articles are not in English too.
Some screenshots:
(WAF,Rate limiting and DDos protection are non-editable)
(These screenshots are on imagekit and might be deleted at any time)
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