Assistance needed with finding sponsors for VPSs that can be used as games servers
@Dynamo and I am keen to replace VPS 16-18 with equivalent VPSs that can be used as Games Servers.  We've learned over the last few months that these VPSs are popular as they are easy to use for Games Servers. Compared with other VPSs that have Firewall issues with plenty of head aches as a result - no doubt because of employing more strict security rules.  We are hoping to find sponsors (wishing with fingers crossed  Wink ) who are marketing VPSs specifically for use as Games Servers.

Your assistance will be much appreciated if you know potential sponsors who can provide the above.

Can you recommend VPS owners who specialize in use of VPS for Games Servers - i.e. have personal knowledge off.  I.e. their Website markets the VPS for use as Games Servers?  If yes, please let us know, and we will contact them.

We can Google this too of course, but this request is for recommendations from members who are familiar with such a VPS owner and have personal knowledge of using the VPS for Games Server. Or may even be in a position to contact them as well.
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imho (public) game server are tend to attract ddos attack, so i doubt there is much provider out there that allow public game server.

2nd. game server ussually need dedicated resource compared to vps that i believe is fair share Smile

first think first i think is find provider that have dedicated "cpu" (thread) first Smile
I usually keep tabs on Minecraft server hosting services. I know of a service called "PebbleHost", they specialize in providing budget managed Minecraft server hosting. I am not entirely sure how willing they'd be to sponsor us a VPS but they do sponsor alot of big youtubers and developers so they might.

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It's great if it's possible. It would be a nice addition. But I think we also need to find ways to give more back to these sponsors to make it look really a good deal. Apart from what we offer now A Google or Facebook review as a requirement would be great. It's something that would really help a provider in reality.

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I have used many hosting companies and also many VPS hosting companies for hosting my game servers i.e TeamSpeak3 , CSGO , CS1.6 , Minecraft , SAMP and others too, Have pretty much knowledge of each game servers. - Recommended as they provide GAME Protection VPS which is for many game servers their custom firewall game panel allows you to specify the game you want to host and accordingly apply the rules
I have some other companies but few of them are a quite a big company not sure if they actually provide sponsorship or maybe VPS.
like i3d!
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