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BandWidth Monitoring Software for Home PC
(02-16-2019, 01:56 AM)xdude Wrote:  I have been testing NetBalancer which was recommended by @HiddenRefuge in last couple of days. I'm quite happy with the result. I couldn't get stats per website but I have been testing each site for a time period to see how much bandwidth these sites taking. Facebook seems to take a lot. Like I noticed it usually take about 100MB in 30 minutes! Also a Browser game I play. It takes about 50-75MB every-time It's loaded. Also some of the social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest etc.
Facebook sounds interesting. Wonder why it takes up so much bandwidth? At what point? Do you think the messenger would also take up lots of bandwidth?
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(02-16-2019, 05:42 AM)deanhills Wrote:  Facebook sounds interesting.  Wonder why it takes up so much bandwidth?  At what point?  Do you think the messenger would also take up lots of bandwidth?

Yeah I'm wondering that too. I have 2 accounts. One I checked has about 550 friends so it has a quite busy feed. Photos, video clips and all kinds of posts I just scroll through feed and just check what I find interesting. I need to test this more. Also I have no idea about messenger since I haven't figure if NetBalancer show data from other devices. I heard Glasswire does that. So I'm going to install and see if it does the job. Anyway right now it seems if I don't goto Facebook and Youtube too often in peak time I can save lots of bandwidth.

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I don't have any great experience with Home PCs but still, if you want to monitor all incoming and outgoing bandwidth on your whole Home Internet, I would suggest you to login into your Router's admin page by logging into the default gateways.
I use Tp-Link and it gives me the incoming and outgoing bandwidth track.
Nah it's a pain to do it through router. Plus now I use a basic 4G Router which doesn't show much details. And this NetBalancer software is pretty good. Only problem is im using the 14 day trial. I'm pretty use I did download the free version .. Also I heard about another software called GlassWire which gives even more details. I would like to check that too. Anyway Now I have a pretty idea about my Data usage and able to control it pretty well.

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