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Black Day 16 December ( @PeshawarAPSAttack )
Black Day 
memorial for the 144 children and adults of Army Public School Peshawar who died on December 16, 2014.
Memorial for the 144 children and adults of Army Public School Peshawar who died on December 16, 2014.
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December 2016

Quote:When the nightmare unfolded, teachers and students of the Army Public School Peshawar had just returned to their classes after recess. Some students, gathered in the large auditorium and were attentively listening to a lecture.

Others sat at their desks, eyes on the clock instead of the blackboard, silently urging for the hands to move faster for the day to end so they could go home. In grade one, it was six-year-old Khaula’s first day of school. She was overjoyed that she had finally joined her siblings instead of staying home. It would be her only day at school.

Khaula’s would become one of the 144 names—most of them children’s—on a long list created by a group of murderers that day at the school. The incomprehensibly high body count combined with the vulnerability of the victims make it the most horrific attack in Pakistan's history.

And while this number, 144, is a story unto itself, the 144 stories within it have to be told.

Eighth-grader Uzair Ali saw the attackers and leapt to shield his friends by lying on top of them. He was killed; shot 13 times, but he managed to save his companions. Fourteen-year-old Fahad Hussain opened a door so his friends could run out. He stayed by the door making sure everyone was evacuated. He was gunned down while doing so.

Below are 144 accounts, of courage and sadness of children, women and men whose absence will be forever painful, always remembered.
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thats really bad to see hundreds of kids die due to some type of bomb blasts made by terirosts all isis shit gangs need to wipeout from world so that none love to join them
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Back Day (16, December 2014) it was a day when humanity died because of attack in Peshawar Army Public School in Pakistan. We never forgive those terrorist and we know how they will be treat on the hell. After our brave Pakistani army reach school they killed them immediately but unfortunately it was already too late and after investigation ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) proof that it was pre-planned. the home behind the school was rented by those terrorist and even our army got their phone call records which was in a Pashto language (A Local Afghanistani and KPK province of Pakistan language)

And some how that attack reason was Operation Zarb-e-Azb which was Started on June 15, 2014 on northen area,FATA and Balochistan province. 6 months before that attack. Our army already break terrorist group's backbone so they tried their last 6-7 puppets to attack on school of army as revenge i think. After that our army start operation in entire Pakistan and now Alhamdulillah Pakistan is saved country.

but i can't say more then that because we don't want to discuss political issues right there on our P4V forum.

It was a sad day. I hope Allah gave victim's family patience.
Best Regards,
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While I was still living in the UAE I had many friends from Peshawar. Some of them came from the army as well - mostly as taxi drivers to support their families. I'm really sorry to hear this happening to the community there. Irony is that they always told me it was safe there - they can keep their families there and stay in the UAE to support them. I guess this was what the objective of the attack was. To shock those "safe" communities. Wishing the families peace and strength to come to terms with this horrible deed.
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This is not a simple bomb blast. it is a story of cruel terrorism in history. and the hurtful thing is the terrorist covered thereself in so called Jihad. but in reality Islam never allows terrorism and this kind of jihad. we all are shameful as a part of this country. i wish new generation are grownup and cutoff these type of jihad and terror from our society.
The concept "Jihad" means fighting our own will towards doing bad things. But Islam has been taken as a political agenda for USA to pressurize Russia through Afghanistan by forming terror groups like "ISIS","Al-Qaeda","Lashkar-E-Tayyaba" and etc.

Osama Bin Laden? Well, he is a CIA secret agent appointed as the leader of terror group. His real name is "Tim Osman" and you can search him on Google. He is not dead yet and is kept secretly in Cuba for his treatment of some kind of Cancer.

There is no phrase or syntax present in Qur'an(Holy Book Of Islam) that represent killing of innocent people. However, it is legal to defend ourselves if we're attacked by unjust government/organization/people and thats somehow related to "Jihad". If America is invading Afghanistan, then people of Afghanistan has rights to defend themselves in every possible ways and don't let unjust rule upon them.

99% of so-called destruction happening in the name of Islam is paid by government to shoot two communities with one bullet. Islam & Communism are both targeted(Islam has nothing to do with communism) by countries like USA,Israel and etc.

Even in India, I have heard people say good things about Muslim and cursing them on their back. But still, we, as Muslims, lives in India peacefully because we're being protected by our judiciary and constitution. I hope this Ram Mandir issue is solved as soon as possible so that BJP's(political party who is famous for creating conflict between Hindus and Muslims) agenda to degrade Muslims and win election is defeated.

At the end, I am still proud to say "#JaiHind".
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@sagher @Manal
i had to upvote you both for your progressive thoughts. but I request you guys please ask staff to close this thread and do not talk about religion and politics. that leads to quarrel. we are all so happy here together.


p. s. the usa helped laden and al qaeda with huge funds and arms to fight against Russia when Russia invaded Afghanistan. but then they turned against the US. long story. also laden is dead. that's the truth.
see... that's how disagreements start and that leads to quarrel and bad things.

I will give you another example.... here in my community, it is said among Hindus that hindu god Shiva is locked in Mecca and that's why Muslims are the only people allowed to enter. lest others release him. see.... we are in the age of science and Internet. we should know better than that.
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@rudra totally agreed. thats why i talk so short and simple. i am not here to postmortem any religion. but i wish to convey actual picture of my green beautiful peaceful islam.

Requesting from admins to close this thread.

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