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Black Friday Offer : 10GB Ram KVM VPS : $5.99/m !!
Thanks im gonna buy it if it's still avaible hopefully it is
a very interesting offer. even though the deals is ended but the other deals are also very interesting. but unfortunately is paid via paypal. while now I do not have paypal. maybe next time
Sorry for My Bad English
I am Web Developer || Python, NodeJs, C# Programer
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This is a very good offer. Only the Network speed is bothering me. It could be at least 500Mbps. Everything else looks amazing.
The bandwidth limit might prove to be the bottleneck for many users who might have gone looking for such a setup. Otherwise awesome offer. Especially the 10GB ram 4 cores deal at such a price
Sincere Thanks to VirMach for my VPS9. Also many thanks to Shadow Hosting and cubedata for the experiences I had with their VPSs.
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