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BladeNode BladeNode DirectAdmin Shared Hosting Review
First of all, I have to thank @[b]phoenixwolf [/b]from BladeNode Hosting for letting us test their DirectAdmin Shared Hosting. Since the cPanel keep increasing their prices it's a good idea to find a good alternative just in case. Right now DirectAdmin is the next best-paid hosting panel in the market. It's not at the same level as cPanel but if there might be a day we have to migrate if cPanel keeps increasing their prices.

It's been a long time since the last time I used DirectAdmin and looks like they have improved the interface and feature. I don't remember having too many problems with DirectAdmin as an average shared hosting user. The interface was neat and simple. I had all the basic functions I needed there so I had nothing to complain about. I have used many free panels in past and right now I use Cyberpanel. I also I do use cPanel on one of my servers.

Interface - User Friendliness

I really do love the new DirectAdmin interface. The first cluster of options is called Account Manager. It has all the basic options we need to work on when we are setting up a website. Like Domain Setup, SSL, FTP, MYSQL Management, PHP Settings, HotLink Protection, Site Redirections, etc. At cPanel, these options are clustered with related features rather than priorities. So you need to go all over the place to find options. At CyberPanel this is even bit harder in a way.

MySQL Management

Everything you need about databases cant be found under this. Flow is even quicker and easier than at cPanel. PHP MYAdmin user extra features just 2 raws below. I like how the same thing is done in CyberPanel too. Both panels do it better than cPanel but I find I can do it as cPanel faster since I'm used it for a very long time. Plus if you have been a cPanel user for a long time then you find wonder why my admin is not there. It's because 3 panels have different ways of arranging features.

Python / Node.js Installers

I find this is something really cool. There is a one-click setup process for each of these programs. It's not available by default in either cPanel or Cyberpanel. You can install it using the terminal for the cyber panel but not sure about cPanel. I know not many need this but I like it. I haven't tried It yet though.

Script Installer / Softaculous

Softaculous is usually available with cPanel and DirectAdmin. I install WP manually so it's been a while since I have used it. It's a cakewalk once you figure how to set the paths etc and very easy. CyberPanel has its own script installer and it's not bad either but not advanced as Softaculous.

PHP Options -

DirectAdmin has PHP Info options and selecting PHP version under Select PHP Version. It different from cPanel and Cyberpanel but not hard to figure if you are a first-timer but experienced hosting user. Also, there are more options in PHP Settings under accounts manager.

Conclusion -

Clearly, cPanel has a truckload of more options and features than DirectAdmin. But not every hosting user need more of these. I have been using cPanel for more than 10 years and there are options I haven't even touched yet. DirectAdmin has everything you need to run a website or websites. It's simple and easy to use for the average web hosting users. I only look at this panel as someone like that and I couldn't find a single thing that might make your life hard. So I would say DirectAdmin would be a perfect alternative for cPanel shared hosting users.

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