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Brexit process has started!
A lot of people will surely already know but for the others: 1 February 2020 the Brexit process started and will end on the end of 2020, we can say that starting 2021 UK will be official out of EU and will be alone.
The entire 2020 will be a crucial moment because UK will try to set up an agreement with EU regarding the business relations.
What do you think about it?
Brexit has been delayed for 2 year and now it started, during these 2 year we saw a lot of people begin against this separation but UK is going to do it any way.
The vote results have been set public and we can say that the majority of vote are from old people, the youngsters voted against it. Regarding this news, right now the web is talking about the "UK and its colonialism is back".
This is my little sum-up regarding Brexit effects:
  • Right now there is any real good study about the post-brexit economy but we can be sure that GBP will suffer and its value will go down;
  • No more EU financial help;
  • Unknown relations between European Banks and their UK's customers; 
  • No EU laws/regulations will be applied to UK so: no more free data roaming for example, no more GDPR;
  • As a student, I will not be able to go with Erasmus on the UK, and as a tourist I will need a passport to go there;
  • Every purchase on the UK will be under customs clearance;
  • Foreign people will no have right to stay there to work, they will need new proper paper document to do so.
    These are the worst cases if UK will not find any agreement with EU.
Well... let's see what will happen in 1 year.
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I personally hope Brexit will be a success, because if UK makes a success of the breakaway, other countries will follow too.  I personally hate monopolies and I believe the EU has empowered the larger countries like Germany and France to control the economies of other countries in Europe, sometimes to their detriment.  Take for example farmers in Spain who are forced to stop some of their categories of farming by EU regulations.

I feel that Germany has too much of a control over the EU affairs.  And this has given Germany a lot of power over the allocation of very large trans border contracts in favour of their very large conglomerate companies.  I'm almost certain this is how the UK decided it wanted to break away from the system.  It felt Germany was pulling too many of its strings.  The EU bureaucracy has also got so clumsy and large, to the detriment of many of the smaller member countries who are unable to afford the high costs.
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