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Chandrayaan-2 : NASA's the fate decider
Congratulations India, you had almost done it but there is a famous phrase "you never fail until you stop trying", so keep trying and i am sure one day you guys will achieve it
Oh yes I saw it in new they lost the contact. But they were not sure how did that happen. I guess they haven't found out yet. Sounds pretty much like something happen in system development. We make an amazing system with everything automated then something goes in the central unit. That's when devs start to think they shouldn't have relay way too much automating things. lol

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I was going through the latest updates on Chandrayaan-2 and thought of informing y'all about this one, which I found quite interesting.

This is literally wierd as this shouldn't have been like this. The Chandrayaan-2 Vikram Lander was tried to be located twice, once before the lunar night and one now. However, both of them showed no trace of Vikram. Why I am calling this wierd is this - in the official release ISRO had said that NASA's two attempts were made perpendicular to each other. If you visualize it, it's like taking the picture at two perpendicular angles, which results in high accuracy.

However, both the photos found no trace of Vikram. Of course, there are few permanent shadows on the southern part of the Moon, and maybe we're unlucky they Vikram is lying in one of them, cuz it's not possible for it to vanish over a fortnight (practically even lesser than that).

Hope this will be an interesting article for y'all!

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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one thing i don't get in the above discussions is lunar storm. where did the storm come from on moon ? what is it made of ? are we talking about storm of ionised particles bombarding moon from space ? cosmic ray ? what other storm is there on moon ?

please explain guys. thanks
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