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Closed 44th Giveaway
 19 VPSs are Available
  • 5x VPS 1
  • 2x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 6
  • 2x VPS 7
  • 3x VPS 9 (Locations: Buffalo, Phoenix, Seattle)
  • 2x VPS 10
  • 1x VPS 11
  • 1x VPS 13 (Location:  Singapore) (Note:  Picture ID required - refer notes below)
  • 1x VPS 14 (Location:  Dallas) (Note:  Picture ID required - refer notes below)
  • 1x VPS 16
The giveaway will remain open until the 7th May (Tuesday).  The winners will be announced on 8th May (Wednesday).

For Comparing the VPS Specifications, Users can check,3,6,7,9,10,11,13,14,16 (some of the vSwap Boxes are empty since the author was unable to get that info from users' past posts).

  • Users must read and agree to all terms of the provider (of the VPS which they want) when they apply.  These can be found on our Plans Page.  
  • When you apply, please let us know your preferred OS and the Domain you will be using with the VPS.
  • For VPS Plans belonging to @HostDoc (VPS 13 & 14), users have to verify their personal details by providing a photo ID which has the same name, address & phone number as mentioned in your VPS request thread.  You can either post this directly at your VPS request thread or PM the giveaway manager your ID Card as a proof. We will remove the ID card from our database once it has been verified. If you have any other way of proofing your details legitimately please let us know.

Please Read before Applying
  1. Read Our Forum Rules before applying.
  2. You should have met our minimum requirements to get VPS.
  3. Read Application Format before applying. (If the application format is wrong then your Request will be rejected)
  4. You must post your VPS application in VPS Request Forum.
  5. Read TOS of VPS providers before applying.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
An early give away, thanks deanhills, after a long time I think this time I will have to move to a new VPS. Seems VPS 1 is suitable as it is a KVM having Virtualizer as control panel.
I think now post4vps can occupy more VPS owners. Big giveaways are in place.

Thank you  Sweet

Right on time, Thanks @deanhills for everything schedule. Just wondering who drop VPS 9? and do we have enough applicant to grab all of these ? No, Thanks to all our sponsors for sponsoring greatest VPSs. Each plan are best on their own. Good Luck for everyone. Excited to see new user's review.
Best Regards,
Global Moderator of Post4VPS 

VPS 9 x3 again! And plenty of other good spec VPSes available for this round of giveaway. Seems like VPS 7 or VPS 1 can be a nice choice if you prefer one with a control panel.

Anyway good luck to everyone applying for this monthly giveaway. There are totally 19 VPSes available. Amazing. Smile

i'm new in this community but it seems that is the best one here.
really glad of the services the owners & sponsors providing here. 19 VPSs for everyone who respected the requirements. there is no concurrence between our members. wish everyone  to be happy with his new vps and good luck for y'all.
Watch this beauty till the end..

Very good !
There is nothing amazing about VPS with the latest specifications
Just doing research
there is lot of vps 9 . great chance to get high end vps and the change is also bigger since it have 3 of them instead of one . i used vps 9 before and have great experiences with it minus openvz . if your workload doesnt care about older kernel it is a great vps . it is also stable as long as you dont use 100% cpu or it will shut off itself
[email protected]:~$ Thanks To Shadow Hosting And Post4VPS for VPS 5
A huge giveaway.I think it will be the best giveaway of 2019.
I am surprised after reading this topic.
Best of Luck everyone who are going to apply.

Thanks to Post4VPS and Hostlease for their great services.  
19 VPS
What a huge giveaway!
Good luck for the applications
Gimme +rep Heart
[Image: img.php?userid=496]
Thanks For Post4VPS and HostLease for the amazing VPS 18
Wow this is huge and genereous giveaway!
I think I will apply Big Grin

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