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[CLOSED] 57th Giveaway
 15 VPSs are Available
  • 4x VPS 1 [Games Servers not advised]
  • 1x VPS 2
  • 1x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 6
  • 5x VPS 7  [Games Servers not allowed]
  • 1x VPS 10 [Games Servers not advised]
  • 1x VPS 11 [Games Servers not allowed]
  • 1x VPS 12 [Games Servers not allowed]

We're aiming at a date of around 5th of June for announcing the winners.  VPSs will be allocated soon after.

For comparing the VPS Specifications, Users can check,2,3,6,7,10,11,12  

If you wish to apply for VPS 7, please let us know your preferred location.  There are five locations to choose from:  Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles in the US and Falkenstein Germany

  • Users must read and agree to all terms of the SPONSOR (of the VPS which they want) when they apply.  These can be found on our Plans Page.  
  • When you apply, please let us know your preferred OS and the Domain you will be using with the VPS.

Please Read before Applying
  1. Read Our Forum Rules before applying.
  2. You should have met our minimum requirements to get VPS.
  3. Read Application Format before applying. (If the application format is wrong then your Request will be rejected)
  4. You must post your VPS application in VPS Request Forum.
  5. Read TOS of VPS providers before applying.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
fantastic . We have 5 new servers. this is great . I hope more new servers are received from Germany. post4vps deserves the best.
It's really great to see new VPS in this giveaway and the new sponsors. The VPS 2 seems really great as well 2GB RAM with enough bandwidth and KVM, But a really odd number of SSD Disk,
Good luck to everyone who is going to apply in this giveaway!
Thanks to ReadyDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!

15 servers in this giveway! I didn't expect this a week ago. Good to see those new sponsors and return of the Hostlease. VPS2 has pretty good specs better than one I had. Only downside is no panel. It seems most of the servers in this Giveaway are like that. Anyway Good luck for those who gonna apply this time. Get those good vps while they last. Smile

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Finally new giveaway. Most of them not so high end but we also see some Europe location instead of only US. And we also see our new sponsor this month. Great to have them on board. Good luck for anyone applying!
Thanks to Limitless Hosting and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!
We are finally back to a decent number of VPSs!

I was extremely worried as I saw the number of VPSs become extremely low over the past few months. But thanks to our new sponsors, that’s no longer the case!

Credit to Dynamo and both new sponsors for this! Good job!

And as I mentioned in the shout box, I can’t wait for people to get ahold of the new VPSs... would love to hear their feedback!
Thank you Post4VPS and VirMach for providing me with VPS9! But now it’s time to say farewell due to my studies.
Wow! A great Giveaway again with lots of VPSes this time, thanks to our new sponsors.

Like others I'm quite excited myself to see the performance of the new VPSes. Waiting to see who wins them this time! :-)
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!
That is really cool we still have 15 VPSes available in this month. Thanks for the new sponsors joining to the pool.

I suppose the VPS 2 from RackNerd should be the best deal of this round, for those wanting to run game servers. Look forward to seeing who is going to win this one and write a good review for it. Smile

Great giveaway with choice of 8 VPS machines and 15 numbers of vps's VPS 4 and 9 missing. anyways VPS-1 is a good choice and 4 numbers are available. wish you all best of luck.
Good to see this massive giveaway! Finally, I am gonna apply after a long time and hoping to get one!

Good luck everyone!
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