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CobaltHost VPS 5 Review
First of all, CobaltHost's VPSes are the ones with maximum specs here...
Disk Space 50 GB
IP Addresses: 1x IPv4( can get max 2)
Virtualization: VMWare
Monthly Traffic: Unlimited(I prefer to say 'unmetred')
Location: Canada
Control Panel: Cobalt Panel
Connection: 100 MBit/s

The best thing is that the traffic unmetred and their is one IPv4 per instance you make...
The worst thing is that there is no reinstall option and one can't change the specs of the existing servers...
Also if a VPS is deleted and a new one is made, a completely new IP address is assigned...

[Image: WPvDkza.jpg]
Nice network speeds...not so good though but good for a medium sized website.
But these two results are absolutely contradictory as one result has poor download speed while the other has nice download speed and bad upload speed.
I/O Speeds are really HORRENDOUS...
[Image: OkSsnnj.jpg]
Control Panel:
Nice, simple control panel...
[Image: Fiv2IkI.jpg]
There are some issues about it as I mentioned above...
But one thing I dislike is that they use CloudFlare SSL certs...
[Image: rsKTT6v.jpg]
Also, when one hovers over the 'Build Server' and 'Settings' button, the mouse pointer changes to a text-cursor-like thing.
Would have been better if it would be hand...
But it changes to hand in 'Home' and 'Logout' button.
And about the statistics of the VPS in the account page, it is a bit bugged...
It is not an issue at all, as I use htop to see my usage...
There is another bug in the mobile theme:
The pic itself is self-explanatory:
[Image: abxdisp.jpg]
My Opinion:
Nice VM, except some basic facilities...
Also, the Network Speed can be improved.
But the VM's Resources are really good.
Score: 8.5/10

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