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(10-24-2020, 10:07 AM)sohamb03 Wrote:  Well I wouldn't agree here @xdude especially because CyberPanel isn't the best of panels not is OpenLiteSpeed the best server.

When we say the best it's a relative thing. So When I said the best it's among the all free panels I have tried so far ISPConfig, CentOS Panel, Vesta CP, Kloxo-MR, Ajenti, Virtualmin etc. Virtualmin is but slowly become a real pain when you request free support. I tested and used all these panels in various servers in last 6-7 years. I didn't say OpenLiteSpeed is the best web sever and Well tuned Apache can beat anything in my experince so far. But OpenLiteSpeed comes with Cyberpanels and works well for all my needs. For a farly new panel it works great. HestiaCP and fork of Vesta So I don't think I want to go in that direaction. I did read about it and can't say it impressed me. Might get better in future but as for current situation  it's not.

I have Cyberpanel running in my VPS5 and I do have a Managed server which has very well tuned Apache. Also Apache + Nginx web server from a friend of mine. I just have couple of Wordpress sites there for SEO purpose. So I tests all 3 with Wordpress blogs. So I only tested it for PHP since that's all what matters to me. Only downside was OpenLiteSpeed's higher memory usage. In all other cases it did better if not same.  So OpenLiteSpeed works faster but takes more memory than Apache or Nginx. It's due to the way PHP works in these 2 servers. So for me, it comes to a choice between Speed vs memory usage.

Years back this would have become a problem but today it's not a huge deal. All my servers have 3-4 GB RAM so I can take it. Plus in my sites, reourses usage is not big enough make a huge difference. I agree if you have a 512MB RAM server this is not the best choice, I wouldn't even use in a 1GB RAM. But if the server has at least 2GB RAM and avg site bunch of sites then Cyberpanel is the best among what else out there in free panel market. Not just for webserver but as the whole webhosting control panel without tweaking anything.
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I guess I should add another update to this thread. So I had to reinstall Cyberpanel again, after the VPS5 has been moved to a new node. For some reason I couldn't get it installed on Ubuntu, which is my favorite OS. I tried version 18.x, 19.x and 20.x but installation didn't even start. I remember having same problem last time too. I wanted to get the server up and running as soon as possible so I went with Cento OS 8.2. That worked flowlessly. Also I learned in there forum we can't install it on Debian for some reason.

Also it ask minimum of 1GB RAM and recommened 2GB. Plus 10 GB space. I don't consider this as a weakpoint or con. 2GB RAM is not a big deal today for server. Also that doesn't mean panel going to use 2GB or 1GB RAM. RAM usage now is about 190 MB without any sites. Installation had taken one hour and 12 minutes. I have added a domain and it's working already. DNS is all automatically sorted. With all other panels I have used so far I had to do some sort of manual editing to get sites working. I haven't tested FTP yet. Default FTP server is PureFTPd. Official site recomends to use FTP rather than SFTP. I have to read more about that.
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I know this is a CyberPanel discussion thread but I prefer using Webmin for managing servers. I haven't had any problems with it while installing it or setting it up. The panel is pretty minimalistic and simple in terms of accessibility. Everything is organized in categories in the sidebar and most (if not all) modules are displayed. Also, it is light-weight and easy on RAM and CPU which is commendable. Webmin seems to be more popular than CyberPanel as it is rich in features and modules.
There are some aspects about the CyberPanel that require improvement like system utility functions, hardware administration and tracebacks.
I would recommend CyberPanel for its User Interface/User Experience elements and accessibility which seems to stand out from other control panels.
Just my opinion. Let me know if I missed anything about any of the 2 control panels.
I recently took a try on Cyberpanel. First I set it up on my backup server and tested it for about a week.

For the most part, everything works well for my needs.

I did have a few issues so far as everything working right out of the box:

Cyberpanel could use some improvement in default server configurations for rewrite rules, if they are going to have default configurations. I had to fix mine for permalinks. As several people have commented, there is some complexity in the setup of dns and mail - it's great that these options are in place but it would be better if it was easy to get them to work. Hopefully whoever among us figures it out first puts up a good tutorial.

One thing I didn't really like (I wouldn't call it a bug; maybe an unintended behavior) is that after a period of inactivity you are logged out. That's a sensible security precaution, and I appreciate it; however it would be nice if I could be notified or informed after I've been logged out, rather than fighting mystery error messages as I attempt to upload a file.

In comparison to webmin: I noticed the higher ram usage, but made some savings by converting my sites to shared hosting as opposed to each site in its own docker container. While cyberpanel itself uses more resources, I am running much more efficiently overall with the shared hosting setup. Unfortunately this means I haven't made any time to test the docker integrations

After a week of testing on the backup server I decided to reinstall my production server. I still have a few broken links around to tidy up, but overall I like it. The gui is much more intuitive than webmin or ISPConfig: I've used webmin quite a bit, and I've experienced the decline as modules became buggier and broken over the years. Given that RAM is much cheaper than it used to be I don't mind sparing a couple hundred MB to run a more modern panel with more active development and growing documentation. The good reviews also give me hopes of great community support in the future.
(11-19-2020, 07:25 PM)fitkoh Wrote:  As several people have commented, there is some complexity in the setup of dns and mail - it's great that these options are in place but it would be better if it was easy to get them to work. Hopefully whoever among us figures it out first puts up a good tutorial.

This what I do for mail server:
1. Issue a mail SSL certificate for one of your domain that you will use frequently for sending emails (Somehow after I did this it started working)
2. After SSL certifcate issued, restart the mail service and you now should be able to access Rainloop and creating emails.
3. Don't forget to update your DNS (if you're using 3rd party DNS service like Cloudflare), otherwise your email will end up in spam.

About the DNS server, I would suggest to turn it on because turning it off then on is very hard. I need to setup a few things which I already forget. Most likely your subdomain DNS will be listed in your main domain. I hosted a website where I only host the subdomain and the main domain somewhere else. I tried to add DNS multiple time but it doesn't show anything. I then add the main domain and all of my subdomain DNS that I added are listed there.

I also need help if someone figure it out how to properly input DKIM generated by Cyberpanel to Cloudflare. All my emails are coming to inbox (which is good) but none of them are signed by my server due to DKIM DNS errors.
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