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Does CloudFlare harm your Search Engine Ranking
Hi Forum Members,
I am new here and this is my first query related to SEO, I am using CloudFlare on my most of domain names. I read somewhere that if you are using CloudFlare then your ranking may fluctuate due to spammy IP address assigned to your website.
Cloudflare provides a lot of services such as CDN, Domain Registrar, DNS Record, Analytics, Secure communication settings ect...
None of them can help you to improve your search ranking.

The search ranking depends on your SEO score, content and popularity (sharing rate).
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The IP addresses of Cloudflare are widely shared, it would hurt a lot of innocent websites if a few of them are spammy but the Google search engine crawler still penalized all websites served under Cloudflare.

The fact is that the Google search engine crawler is getting smart nowadays. So it would be unlikely to happen.
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Please, don't spread wrong/false information @tryp4vps, you didn't post any proof regarding the issue that you point out, and as a reply I would like you to read this article: Improving SEO with Cloudflare
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I'm afraid you have misunderstood what @tryp4vps was trying to say in his post. I cannot say that it is that easy to misunderstood his post though. I think that I understood his post correctly on the first read already.

Let me try to rephrase what @tryp4vps said in a easy to understand way: It is unlikely that Google would punish websites behind CloudFlare that are good and absolutely innoncent just because those websites share a CloudFlare IP that is also known to host spammy or bad websites. Googles search engine is smarter than that.

@tryp4vps Correct me if I'm wrong please or otherwise maybe confirm what I said.
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@Hidden Refuge let me just confirm that your understanding is 100% correct, and also thank you for making it a bit more clear.

@LightDestory Please calm down. And in general when you try to say anyone is spreading wrong/false information, at least please point out exactly which part of the information is wrong/false. This will help avoid any possible misunderstanding for each other. Thank you. Smile
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