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Domain shadowing - beware!
(05-24-2020, 05:37 PM)Littlemaster Wrote:  Great point for domain owners, some people offered me that they will point their domain to an ip address which I give them and I can use the domain for my purpose. This kind of offers may backfire you in case your website gets lot of traffic. Another one is early post for domain websites, they give you temporary ownership and can take over the domain later. I don't like purchasing domains from webhosts which are less popular. Purchasing both domain and hosting from same company is a bad idea.
Another thing is first year domain price, some cheap domains cost you very less for first year and second year the price will be huge.
I had a bad experience from hloxindia, a domain registrar who gave offer for 1st year, and blocked me from transferring the domain to a less costly registrar. I never purchased anything from them later. It was a good domain name.

if im not wrong 1&1 offer .com domain for $2 but the renewal rate is $20/year (.com domain normally sold around ~$8)

and it is a bad idea espescially when the domain is locked to the hosting . you are forced to use the hosting because of the domain . but if it isnt locked it is fine . my friend bought a domain+hosting package but it isnt locked and can change the nameserver etc and the billing is different so you can pay for domain only
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(05-24-2020, 11:53 AM)humanpuff69 Wrote:  i agree . i only use freenom for testing domain or project that is extremely small that 100% will not get huge traffic . for a bigger project i use a proper domain not the freenom domain . my domain shadowed a few time with freenom due to traffic

Yeah for bigger or any serious projects, I would prefer getting domains from Namecheap instead.

Another big problem of freenom is that it seems there is no way to contact their support.

I remember I once had a domain shadowed by freenom and then I tried to contact support via their ticket system but never got any response.

For Namecheap, I never have any problem in contacting their support and they are always helpful. Obviously Namecheap is far more reliable than freenom or any free domain provider. Smile

A gentle reminder. This topic is about how domain shadowing can lead to the IP of your VPS being used to attack other domains. There needs to be tougher measures by domain registrars to verify the use of IPs when name servers are added to the domains.

I also don't have problems with contacting Namecheap. I've tried Freenom years ago, with no result. But that is not the issue here. The issue is the general practice of registrars to allow domains to point to IPs that are not legitimately "owned" by the owner of the domain. There should be tougher measures somehow. For example when I dealt with a member from Italy I discovered that with Domain Registrars in Italy when someone adds name servers to a domain, one has to have two legitimate name servers with different IPs that have to be verified before they can be added to the domain at the Registrar. You can't just do it as you would at Namecheap. So in essence both domain as well as where it directs to should be more strictly controlled.
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