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Don't s for SEO
If you are running a website, search engine is your god. You need to find ways to please it to make your website successful. Google dominates of all search engine today.

Let's say that SEO is your prayer. Then, I would pray myself,. Whether god listens to it or not. In English, do not hire idiots to do SEO for your website. They may actually kill it for good.

What is your do not do on SEO ?
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Duplicate content, keyword stuffing, hiding text, doorway pages, cloaking,
First of all I have to say Search Engine Optimization is not Solo God anymore. Now there are other traffic options like Social Media traffic. You can use Social Media to get free quality traffic from any geographic location. But since we are talking about SEO here lets get back to the subject. There are several big NO NO stuff when it comes to Google search.

01. Thin Content : This mean having no content or very little content or something totally spam like. If you get manual penalty for Thin Content then that site is good as dead for Google. Very little chance of recover from that. Because if one person finds your site lack or content or spammy then there is a very good chance next Google guy who checked your site finds same.

02. Spammy back-Links : Those days when you could blast 1000's of back-links and rank are long one. Importance of back-links is getting less and less. Now it's quality content is what mostly matter and also they check your social presence. Well having quality back links from related sites still gives you a boost but not like before.

03. Duplicate Content : Now this is not something bad as people say. If You just copy a site as it is and create another then it would be taken off from search when Google bot finds both sites are identical. But just publishing articles already published is not something that bad. If someone report you stole content from him/her Google might do a manual check and hand over a panelty but your site won't remove from search automatically. There is a Matt Cutt video explaining all about duplicate content.

04. Keyword stuffing : This is something old and doesn't work anymore. Currently you should have keyword density around 1- 2 %. If not it can be hard to rank for even low competition SERP.

05. Affiliate Links / Cloaking / Banner ads above content : Having too many affiliate links can hurt your rankings or make your life really hard when you try to rank your pages. It's better have different page for affiliate links. Cloaking is a NO NO most of the time.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

spam links, too many out going links, slow loading speed, lack of moblie friendliness are problems too.
Duplicate/Low Quality/Spin Content, Spammy backlinks, bad site structure,Site Speed,NonMobile friendly,too many low quality backlinks or using softwares to get backlinks,irreleveant backlinks.and still much more to consider when targeting a good keyword Wink
Also another new factor coming to play, SSL. Google starts giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL sites. So in a year or so this will become mandatory.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

(05-06-2017, 02:23 AM)xdude Wrote: Also another new factor coming to play, SSL. Google starts giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL sites. So in a year or so this will become mandatory.

and SSL certificate also become cheaper nowdays . you can get positivessl for just $9 . or you can get free from github student pack
[email protected]:~$ Thanks To Shadow Hosting And Post4VPS for VPS 5
9 usd is not exactly cheap. But I think we can use one of those free SSL certificate providers. But still it would be hard if you are in a shard hosting.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

SEO Do’s:

1. Get backlinks from relevant sites
2. Write well-researched and engaging content
3. Use keywords in your titles, meta descriptions, and body text
4. Do keyword research
5. Make your site user-friendly

SEO Dont’s:

1. Avoid irrelevant links
2. Don’t be obsessed with the number of backlinks
3. Don’t do keyword stuffing
4. Don’t use cloaking and doorway pages
5. Don’t use hidden text or links
DON'T: Plaster your link all over blog comments, guestbooks, etc
DON'T: Ignore user search intent
DON’T: Copy large pieces of external content
DON’T: Link too often to external sites
DON’T: Overuse keywords

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