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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page.
Current release: initial post.
Last edited: 9-2-2018 / missed an o in a word.

1. What is a VPS?
A VPS(virtual private server) is a server that is running on a dedicated server with its own resources that is within the main server resources.
it also runs it's own OS. this is commonly used by an internet industry.

2. What is considered low quality?
Low quality is considered one-liner, bump posting, Necroposting, hijacking other threads and irrelevant posting.
Bump posting are small text that doesn't mean anything than unnecessary attention

Also saying thanks and nothing else is considered spam.
Please tell us WHY you agree/disagree.
or by saying thanks tell is what you like about it.
And what are the downsides?.

3. How can I obtain a VPS?
Very simple makes 20 posts a month within the rules and quality see (2).
Have at least 100 points/credits.

4. Can I contact the provider directly?.
No. Not in any circumstances open a thread in this category here:

An admin will take care of your issue.
Why? this will keep the provider busy with free clients. endless support. while this community might have the answer as well.

5. I have been suspended can I have my stuff back?.
depends on the accusations. if you have violated any terms from your provider you have been kicked out.

6. I lost my VPS can I have it back next month?
Yes. We will deduct 100 points from your account but you need to reapply for the same VPS.

7. How do I connect to my server?
install an ssh program:
I suggest you to start using putty:

find your IP address of your server and put it in (hostname (or IP address))

login and login with root / and given password at vps request topic.

8. can i keep track of my posts each month?

more to come.
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