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Well most of you should already know this.

Longest running post2host platform free vps - Free VPSs!
i am the one that dind't knew that XP
(09-12-2015, 06:33 PM)perryoo11 Wrote: i am the one that dind't knew that XP

They have been running since 2010 I think.
It's the most trusted Free VPS provider. - Free VPSs!
#4 just got too crowded nowadays, im still on queue , and can't add dropbear and etc, its pretty decent but not the best at all
I got my VPS after I had 37 posts in, that too a good VPS.
There are lot of VPS which is not used, but people requesting the best and the criteria makes you in queue.

Thank you  Sweet

(09-12-2015, 06:24 PM)Conan Wrote: Well most of you should already know this.

Longest running post2host platform free vps

yes, i know that a best community forum!
admin & moderators and all the members there is good and suave

and maybe if we get to know them closer, we would envy the intelligence that they have

I am also one of the members of best forum for me
there is a lot of science that I wanted to study there :idea:
#7 is an authority when it comes to free vps services. Even since Haphost closed down Freevps has become the biggest user base in industry. It's where I have received my first stable free vps server. Their code of conduct is second to none in web hosting industry and Support even beat most of paid hosting services.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Maybe Aubert is an Haphost user since he thinks there is a queue at Maybe he can explain where he has joined this queue or he has mistaken mistaken Freevps or other provider. Even when it comes to other free vps providers I haven't seen any site has this kind of a queue. In All sites either you have to wait for monthly giveaway or you just reach the required amount of posts and request one.

Also I don't think freevps would never get crowded as long as they get sponsors. These days I always see few vps left behind in give aways. Even sometimes vps with 1GB RAM.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

I am on freevps from 2013 but some personal reason i was inactive on freevps but now i am free so i joined post4vps.
I registered with them once hoping to receive a VPS, but that was kinda hard as it's over populated with users. Anyway hey! Welcome to P4V. I'm new too.
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