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Game Development
I really wasn't sure where to post this thread... it seems to me it could fit into several categories... Scripting and programming, hobbies, portfolio... I figured gaming general was a good  place to start. Feel free to move it if you think of a better place for it Smile

For a few months now, I've made myself a new hobby of making (or attempting to make) video games.

The project I've been working on the most lately is a sort of dungeon crawler with RPG aspects. Think "Pilgrims Progress" (John Bunyan, 1678) meets "Eye of the Beholder" (SNES, 90). I call it "Inner Demons: Dungeon Crawl"

At this point I'll inject a screenshot:
In this game, you walk around a maze of a dungeon and encounter characters and enemies and grow your stats. Instead of the traditional abilities, characters, and stats you would find in a RPG, within "Inner Demons" you meet characters like "Confidence" and "Charisma" instead of "Bard" and "Warrior." You won't gain strength and speed: instead you grow stats like "Courage" and "Patience" to do battle with nasty enemies. You won't face off against a "Fire Elemental" or a "Kobold" Instead you try yourself against things like "Temptation" and "Doubt" and "Ridicule"

The challenge of the game is to find out which stats/abilities work best against which enemies - for example, "Confidence", "Compassion" and "Resilience" work great against "Ridicule" - "Courage" and "Willpower" not so much. The end game (I consider the game about 5% complete) is to create a narrative that allows the player to explore and discover different aspects of themself, while learning how to react in  difficult emotional situations.

I'm currently working on 0.0.6 release which has a few new features (and I'm sure bugs to come along with them): Primarily visual options changing the way the graphics are rendered, positioned, and layered, screen and lighting effects, and I'm considering options for a higher resolution mode.

Here's where the community comes in: There's no way I can test this on every device and figure out which options work well, what I should keep, and what I should abandon. No matter how much time I spend testing,  I'm still limited by my devices: I can test it on my phone or on my laptop... that's about it.

Should you choose to test it, and decide that it's worth your time to offer feedback, it would help me to know:
  • Device you're playing on (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • system resources: cpu(architecture), RAM, Video card
  • Which screen/lighting/resolution effects you tried
  • Which screen/lighting/resolution effects worked well, which caused bad performance
  • bugs (this is a test build, bugs are almost guaranteed)
As well as any other noteworthy question, comment, or suggestion. I have thick skin: don't be afraid to be harsh. I don't care if you tell me you hate it, just as long as you tell me why you hate it. Conversely, if you love it, that's great but it only helps me if I know specifically what you love about it.

Known bugs:
battle screens aren't working - I changed the way the screen resizes from absolute values to relative values and battle screens are set up in absolute, so they are currently broken. You might find them working in an older version.
No options for touchscreen yet - options screen is set up in absolute values, so that has to be fixed too.

You can test the dev build with the new effects at: - please note this test build link will only last about a week
You can find the current (hopefully stable) build on itch.

If you aren't convinced you want to try it, maybe a video of the new effects would help? You can find one  on youtube

And yes, it's 100% free, cross platform, and made out of 100% public domain assets assembled with FOSS Smile
[edit]Engine: Gdevelop
Graphics: Gimp
Audio: Audacity
 check itch link for a full list of attributions
Also, if you tested and offered feedback, and you wish to be credited for testing, please pm with how you would like to be mentioned/linked.
Wow I really like your ideas and creativity with this dungeon crawler Smile The game looks really interesting and It's good to see that we have similar interests!

I currently am away from home so can't test it for you however if zi get back in time I'll surely try it!

Lastly which engine did u use for making the game? Maybe you mentioned it in the article but I couldn't find any mention of it
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This is so cool! I am getting some heavy Doom 64 vibes and I love that. I will give it a shot when I get home and could be able too test this on a Mac and Virtualized Windows.
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(11-02-2020, 06:23 PM)tbelldesignco Wrote: This is so cool! I am getting some heavy Doom 64 vibes and I love that. I will give it a shot when I get home and could be able too test this on a Mac and Virtualized Windows.

The graphics are rendered the same way as the original Doom & Wolfenstein (it was open sourced years ago), so visually, yes,  it is very similar; however the gameplay is much different. It isn't an action game; it's more themed around exploration. There isn't anything to shoot or dodge, rather there's things to look at and puzzle over.

I've been working steadily for a couple weeks and made some huge strides in optimizing for performance. I'm exporting new  version for upload in just a few minutes. Most current build will be 0.6beta2. If you're up to it, you can check out the 0.5 and see the difference in performance; I'm fairly proud of it, especially after some people testing on mobile and achieving 60fps with maximum visual settings. The caveat of the performance gain, however, necessitates a complete rebuild of all the levels thus far completed, which I'm about 25% through with. The benefit of the redesign allows me to take another look at all the levels I've made thus far and make a few improvements while going through the process. The 0.5version allows you to proceed much further in the game, but it may be slow or choppy in comparison.

The 0.6version introduced several new options which I'm pretty excited about: I've added a light layer, shading to simulate depth (needs some work as it looks very dark on some mobile devices) cpu throttle (for low end devices to make it playable, the only way my phone will run it) and even enhanced graphics mode (you can switch between 32x32 tiles and 64x64 tiles); all of which can be turned on and off to allow for the best possible performance on devices of varying specifications. 

I'll appreciate any input you care to share, positive or negative; just remember it's still very much a work in progress: there's going to be bugs and it needs a lot of polish.

I also created a playlist on youtube: and have been uploading a few videos of my work in progress to help gather more feedback and demonstrate new features, if anyone wants to take a look.

As a side note, I'd like to add that when creating this thread, I had hoped it would be a win/win. I would get some quality feedback to help me build better games, and the community would have an opportunity to make good feedback/reviews/suggestions to increase their monthly post count and keep their vps on a topic they are (hopefully) interested in.

However, I'm concerned that it's becoming a thread where people just post "I'll check it out later" without offering any content that is meaningful for me or a valuable, quality post for the community. It was never my intention to spawn a spam thread. If this trend continues, I won't be the least bit offended if the moderators choose to delete it/lock it/move it to general where the posts don't count towards monthly requirements. Thank you Smile
This is not made for professional games. I was familiar with this before but I did not like it because it is made for low level and poor games. Even if we want to program minecraft, it is not possible to build even a part of it
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Hey, the game looks really cool, might try it out after it's finished and out. I'd appreciate the effort you made into making this, I had tried earlier to make a game but nonetheless failed. I never proceeded beyond Scratch ... LOL. I'm so occupied with stack programming that I never really got a chance to look into game development but yeah devs need players too. Wink Will surely check out your YT playlist too and see if I have something to contribute. Good luck with this one!

Btw @Honey had asked about which engine have you used to make this game, I'm also interested in the same.
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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