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HDRHost - The New Free Webhosting Company
Because cPanel raised their prices quite brutally, this was almost the end of HDRHosting. Now that we have purchased a special hosting for the free users. Now we are also trying again and we have certainly not been forgotten after our trial request for customers. Thanks to them, our system is now 100% verified that everything works as follow-up. is the easiest and free way to start your own website or reseller hosting business. We give you everything you need - servers, unique administrator control panel, unique client control panel, help desk and many more - all for free!

Just like running your own business, You have full control of everything, 100% customization of any section, and retain 100% of earnings - because it's HDRHosting!

General Features
Host unlimited clients and domains Provide both free and paid hosting Retain 100% of your earnings

You can provide free web hosting services and sell paid hosting upgrades.
  • You get 100% of what you sell - that's because all sales go directly to your PayPal or 2checkout account! You can have number of clients and host 1 till 3 domains. Each account can have up to 10 GB of disk space and 100 GB data transfer. The system is a completely private label - there are no traces leading to HDRHosting or HostLease. All parts of the system will show your brand and domain name.

Administrator Panel Features

Ability to control over 50 features Setup hosting plans feature sets, etc. Integrated help desk, news, knowledge-base
  • Administrator panel is super charged with over 50 features that you can configure for your hosting company and clients.
    • Ability to setup unique hosting plans. By using the feature sets you can enable/disable over 40 features for your hosting plans.

    • Administrator area also allows you to configure Plans, users, options, help-desk, canned responses, email templates, news and much more.

Control Panel Features

Hosting plans support over 40 features! Make it unique - create your own theme Translate into any language in 30 minutes
    • You can configure hosting plans to support PHP, MySQL, website builder, software installer, email, and much more. You can put ads for all your free hosting accounts.

    • Control panel is fully customizable - setup your own log-in pages, fonts, colors, other elements, or even create and upload your own theme - make it unique web hosting control panel never seen before!

    • Control panel can be translated into any existing language in just 30 minutes. Are you ready to take your country free and paid hosting market

Not Conviced?

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is this really free?
A: Yes, 100%
Q: I see that a free upgrade possible is, how can I get it?
A: If you are using shared plan, then you need 25 Posts per year to keep the upgrade. By Reseller Hosting you need for VIP 25 forums posts per year.
Q: How much clients can I host?
A: Free Reseller allows you up to host 5 accounts to resell. The paid reseller allows Unlimited clients.
Q: Do you accept clients from all countries?
A: Yes all countries are accepted! However we have a small list of "high risk" countries that have a very high fraud/abuse. This means not that they getting limited.
Q: My country is listed in the High-Risk country list. Can my limits removed?
A: Users on those list (countries) can contact us and briefly us clearly by their usage of their hosting.
Q: Do you have a banned country list like ""?
A: No, anyone can signup for free. We do not ban any country, if a user abuse the service then will the main account only permanently banned.
Q: Is your hosting offshore? If yes can I do anything what I want?
A: No, on our free plan will the hosting rules accepting as written in our ToS. If you as free user don't follow those, your account will be disabled.

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