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NEW NODES ONLINE! Summer Sale Activated for 168 Hours...

Post4VPS Members,

stock has been REPLENISHED for our Super Summer Sale. We've now added a few additional nodes in the datacenter, so we can fulfill more orders. Here's YOUR opportunity to take advantage of the biggest sale of the year!

Because of that, we've made the decision to enable this sale for 168 hours, and new nodes are now online and ready! TIME SENSITIVE: Here's YOUR opportunity to take advantage of the biggest sale of the year! (yes, these deals are even better than our default specials...)

We're doing it with a twist this time - this will truly be a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE promotion, meaning there are no limits to how many you can order, but once we're out of stock, we are out permanently!

We do a few certainties this summer! We try this summer with our summer bangers promotions to become the cheapest to get through this summer! But getting cheap in a deal isn't easy! There are, of course, hijackers on the coast, so our goal is to make you happy with these deals. Here you have an overview of our securities we offer!

1.) The price will never be increased from our Summer!
2.) We continue to help you in the same way with customers who don't have special deals!
3.) Switch to our specials - the money you paid will be refunded up to the amount of the special deal!
4.) Your special deal will never be stopped!
5.) Do you find otherwise a cheaper deal? Let us know and you will get your product for free for a year!
6.) Free resource upgrade with your Disk Space and Bandwidth!

Summer Specials On: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting and SSD VPS Hosting

Deep, deep discounts, there has never been a better time to buy master reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

There is no limit to how many you can order! First come first serve. Did you know this also comes with a locked in price guarantee? Your price will never increase upon renewal, it will stay the same!
Order links will be permanently CLOSED after 168 hours. Counting from Monday night 0:00! 


If you have any questions, we have support technicians standing by, right now, ready to assist you - [email protected]
Please remember to stay cool this Summer, it's heating up outside! We hope you enjoy these crazy prices - THIS WEEK ONLY!
i have a several questions.
1) what restrictions does the vps has?
2)i do not want to pay 12 month bill. can i choose other option?
3) what payment methods the site is accepting?
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!
(07-19-2020, 06:05 PM)OldMeister Wrote:  i have a several questions.
1) what restrictions does the vps has?
2)i do not want to pay 12 month bill. can i choose other option?
3) what payment methods the site is accepting?

1) what type of restrictions do you talking about?
2) Yes, you can open a ticket at us and then we will set your billing cycle as you wish.
3) We accepting PayPal - You can pay via paypal with creditcards or use online banking. And we have Stripe.
The prices are unbelievably great. It's really cheap someone who is looking to have a starter business can host from them they have good master reseller in pretty cheap prices. They are providing more cPanel accounts then other hosting! I might grab something from this offer!
Good luck!
Thanks to ReadyDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!


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