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Have you heard about Pegasus Spyware?
A few days ago I received a strange call from a lady from a far away location. As the call seemed a bit strange, I took the phone with care. I heard a voice of a lady. She wasn't properly saying "hello", but her voice was of a kind of flirting "hlo". I became more anxious. I waited once again before responding to the lady. Once again her voice is "hlo". I felt something serious and I disconnected the phone. She tried again, but I just left the call as missed. The next day once again she called when I was speaking with someone else. After disconnecting the call, I dialled her number and she took up the phone with the same hlo. I replied this time with a serious tone "hello". But her question was what is your name?. She called me without knowing who is me. I disconnected and blocked the number.
Privacy is a serious concern in the new era. Even informations are leaking through missed calls. Pegasus, a spyware or Trojan horse created by NSO is trending news in India after accused of hacking information from well known people over phone. It installs itself on the victim's phone whether it is Android or iPhone.Then leaks data including media and various logs. Finally it disappears itself without leaving any evidence. This was created by an Israeli company in the sake of restricting crime and terrorism. It seems used to target high profiled people. I don't know who were attacked recently. But I feel the privacy under risk.

Thank you  Sweet

I have not heard about the Pegasus spyware. It looks really dangerous though.

But I am interested to know if the lady who called you is really a human lady or just a robot?

Because you mentioned that her voice saying "hello" does not sound normal. Smile

Agreed @Littlemaster.  We should all be careful with our phones as these hackers and mischief makers are getting more and more sophisticated with exploits.  Smart phones must be very popular for that now.

I never answer a call that I don't have an educated guess who it is from.  It's quite easy in South Africa to look at the phone number that is ringing as they usually look different from the standard phone numbers we phone every day.  I immediately put a block on it and delete the call from my phone.  But even with taking those precautions, I also turn my blue tooth off all of the time.  I have the bare essential apps on my phone. The less the better for me as they could also be a source of exploits.I'm probably being over cautious but South Africa is known for its above average  phone fraud and SIM swapping exploits.  One can't be cautious enough.
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