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Hello from Poland
Hello, My name is Gregory and I'am from Poland. I know this forum from another site (
I like to learn new things in technology especially hosting and VPS.
Thanks for your time!
Hello there @Gregol. Welcome to Post4VPS. Poland's nice place you know. So you're from GigaRocket, huh? I too have an account there with the same username as here.

Well nothing much to say here but a hearty welcome again. I hope you're able to gather a hell lot of knowledge from our community and have a great time, eventually winning a VPS for your posts. Have a great day exploring the community!
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!
Hello Gregory,

welcome to our awesome community.

The last month has been an especially good one. We got two awesome new members. Now you joining in the first week of this month has made me even more hopeful that this month is going to be an even more interesting one.

Please enjoy your stay, join in duscussions and join our vps giveaways when it is time for you.

Good luck.
Sincere Thanks to Shadow Hosting and post4vps  for my awesome vps4. Also a big thanks to cubedata for the great experience on my previous vps, vps8.
Hello Gregory, welcome to this amazing community!
I joined this community recently, to be exact August!

Believe me, you can find here very nice people. The forum can seem "not so active" but we do our part! You can find tutorials, VPS review (very important and useful!), topical discussions but also, recently, science discussion!

Be active and make us know you!
Thanks to Post4VPS and VirMach for VPS 9 - Buffalo!
Thanks for the nice welcome, I didn't expect this one.
I think I will meet really interesting people here
hey @Gregol,

welcome to the community Smile.
i hope you will learn more!

if you ned anyhelp make sure to open a support topic.
Hello @Gregol (Gregory) Welcome to Post4VPS community, Hope your enjoy your stay with us and learn something new from our community.

Here some useful threads you should read.
VPS plan => here
Forum rules => here (most important thread for everyone specially newbies)
Anti-Spam Policy => here
Terms and Conditions (as VPS Holder) => here
Best Regards,
Global Moderator of Post4VPS 


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