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Hetzner Cloud - CX11for only 2.49 €/mo
Hetzner Cloud - very affordable and great KVM VPSs servers from Germany's best!

Hetzner has finally launched their own Cloud solution in the fight of Cloud hosting providers to race to the top. It is simply called "Hetzner Cloud" and offers very cheap, affordable and great KVM VPSs with great specifications for as low as 2.49€ / month.

The CX11 plan for 2.49 € / mo has the following specifications:
- 1x Intel Xeon Core based on Skylake/Skylake-EP
- 20 GB NVMe SSD Storage or 20 GB normal SSD Storage in RAID10
- 20 TB traffic per month (incoming traffic is free!)
- 1 Gbit/s network
- KVM virtualization
- all features and advantages of Hetzners network and control panel

Locations: Nuremberg & Falkenstein in Germany and Finland

Get your CX11 instance today:

Identity verification by ID, drivers license or similar document might be necessary!

Depending on the order country Hetzner may have to apply the local tax rate to the price that is set in the order country. The price will be slightly over 2.49 € / month in this case. This doesn't apply to all countries on the world! This is a EU wide regulation and therefore only applies to countries in the European Union.

ToS: and
Kind regards
Hidden Refuge
This is an awesome deal. It's too bad I never find anything like this hosted in the US. My only guess for all the good deals being overseas is the cheaper utility rates.
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It's a excellent solution for virtual servers, I haven't ordered a production one yet but I have tried their beta servers when they were running those and the performance was just outstanding. I imagine the production ones will be just as fast but I'll have to submit a passport to get verification done which I'm hesitating to get done...
2.49 eur for 2gb vps . that is extremely cheap espescially it also kvm . also 20tb of bandwidth and it running much recent processor .

it require kyc . just make sure that the owner keep it save from breaching those people identity
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After succesful identity verification the submitted document is removed from their system. Germany has strict laws regarding such stuff in general. It is only done because it is an effective way to filter out abusers and scammers.
Kind regards
Hidden Refuge
(07-06-2018, 03:54 AM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  After succesful identity verification the submitted document is removed from their system. Germany has strict laws regarding such stuff in general. It is only done because it is an effective way to filter out abusers and scammers.

Although I can understand the reason, identity verification is still a bit too much when we know we may just eventually save a few dollars for a VPS.

I do hope they can find other ways to filter out abusers and scammers.

By the way, do you know if identity verification is a must for all countries or some countries may possibly be exempted?
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I don't know if they exclude any countries from the ID verification. ID verification needs to be done only once though and then never again. I'm a citizen of Germany and that is the country in that Hetzner is based in and I still had to verify my identity after I signed up. Just got a mail into my inbox, replied with a copy of my drivers license and it was approved in less than 2 hours.

I don't see the issue with ID verification. It is a valid and one of the most common ways to verify and filter. You go buy cigarettes or alcohol they ask you everytime unless it is absolutely clearly visible you are old enough. Same when shopping on certain sites that is simply required by law to verify age and identitiy. I wanted to buy a gas pistol that can fire blanks for christmas and such fun stuff. The shop asks to verify ID for every order you make.

So doing this once at Hetzner is absolutely nothing. Hetzner is not a summer host nor some small company in some country. It's a big company and in its size, state and the new EU privacy law they do care a lot to make sure that the data is safe. The punishments for violating the new EU privacy law are really harsh. We're talking about "up to millions per violation"! Of course depending on the actual case.
Kind regards
Hidden Refuge
I'm also uncomfortable with online ID verification. I don't think Germany is alone in this though. I won't be surprised if this becomes law eventually so that they can know exactly who owns web space as part of some or other European or international security rule - and of course then say that they are doing it for the protection of every one in Europe. And I guess very soon after that other Governments will follow the same rules and all Data Centers need to keep a register of the owners. Little by little our freedom will become less - but they'll probably still say they are looking after our privacy. And then of course there will also be added costs involved with this kind of verification and maintenance of registers. I always worry when something that is the exception to the norm with identity verification by a large data center that is international - like Hetzner will lead to other Data Centers doing the same thing and making it more and more difficult for your small little guy to get space. The irony of it all is I don't feel safer now than I did a few years ago when it had been much easier to get web space with very little verification.
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What a great plan.Cheap Affordable and very good specs.Trusted Providers. I like your website design.Nice work dude.
Best of Lucks with your Service.
Well for now KYC is the most effective ways to fight spammer because it is hard to fake an identity and selfie with a text . so you can only have 1 account per person

with recent gdpr law in effect the data must be removed otherwise they can get fined million of euro if im not wrong
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