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Hostlease Support Addition - Monolithic Studios
Please welcome @Monolithic Studios as an additional backup for Hostlease sponsorship. He will be assisting Jordy ( @Pacific Spirit ) with support needs for VPSs 16-18 if and when needed.

Welcome @Monolithic Studios!

Please note that there is no obligation on sponsors to provide support, and the rule is that members are not allowed to contact sponsors direct for support.  Support requests need to be made in the VPS Support Request (public or private) section of the Forum:

Sponsors are only needed to help if and when something technical goes wrong on the server in which case the Admin of post4vps will contact the sponsor.

If and when @Monolithic Studios happens to be online and have the time available, and wish to help that is always welcome.  Big Grin

Thank you again to Hostlease and to Jordy specifically for being so generous in providing four really good VPSs to post4vps. These are much appreciated. Thanks Jordy! Cool
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my VPS 9!  I'm finally up and running again after the upgrade to KVM.
Welcome @Monolithic Studios to P4V! Give us some information about you Smile
Gimme +rep Heart
[Image: img.php?userid=496]
Thanks For Post4VPS and HostLease for the amazing VPS 18
welcome @Monolithic Studios

hope you heave a great time around here.
Hello Everyone, thank you for letting me join here, I am @Monolithic Studios from Germany, and a formal worker at HostLease for all VPSes and Dedicated servers. I am also here to get all VPSes running smoothly.

Name: @Monolithic Studios (Real name I want to keep it hide for privacy), I am 29 years old, my wife and me have 2 children, loving to keep driving with my car in nice weather. My interesses are VPN networks (Routers deployments for VPN), VPS and Dedicated Servers.
nice to meet you @monolithic Studios ! just want to say that your company and vps plans is the best here and better then the others! thanks for being a sponsor!
Nice to meet you @Monolithic Studios
Wishing you a long life !
and I want to ask, Do you have a life story full of challenges during life?

~ Sorry if my language is not good !
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i guess you wanted him to tell you something interesting from his life. that's weird request on a forum like this. Heh. but i guess people should be putting more importance to their own security and privacy when online than entertaining other random people online with funny true stories about themselves.

A sincere welcome to you man! hope everything is going alright with you and your family in real life. wish you enjoy your time here. and good luck with everything.
Sincere Thanks to Shadow Hosting and post4vps  for my awesome vps4. Also a big thanks to cubedata for the great experience on my previous vps, vps8.
Welcome to post4vps @Monolithic Studios its good to see you in p4v has a support for host4lease it be great full that host lease got additional staff and it will be help full for post4vps members
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
Thank you Host4fun and Post4vps for wonderfulvps1  
Welcome to the Post4VPS community @Monolithic Studios!
It is so nice see how this provider take serious it's sponsoring Smile
Thanks to Post4VPS and VirMach for VPS 9 - Buffalo!

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