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Image compression software
Hi . I need software to compress my website images. As you know compression of images is an important point in SEO of a website. Thank you if you introduce one of their best to my servant that will make the images up to 16 KB in size. (With best quality)
Personally I use

their website is okay to use, no ads and does what it says
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You can perform on server image optimization using software like optipng and jpegoptim for .PNG and .JPEG/.JPG images. Beware that JPEG/JPG cannot be compressed without loss of image quality!

Here is a older guide I once made for this software:

Nowadays though there might be even better software and other image alternatives! Like webp.

There is also a very interesting topic regarding this subject:
When i use windows the best way to compress a file is to

Open it in paint > save as png/jpg

If the size is still to big resize the image to lower size

On a phone i use screenshot . I screenshot the image and crop it , if it is still big i put it on photo editor > resize > save . If still to big i repeat it

I know that way isnt the most effective . But that what i mostly use
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I agree with @Honey, is awesome and doesn't show any ads
Gimme +rep Heart
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@hamed This is a duplicate thread and has nothing to do with SEO. It shouldn't even be posted under SEO.

If there hadn't been other comments posted in this discussion I'd have deleted this thread. Thank you for members who brought this to our attention.

This topic is permanently closed.
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