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Is phpvirtualbox allowed?

Does anyone know whether phpvirtualbox is allowed on the post4vps vps's. I mean the virtualbox part, not the php scripts. Sorry if this sounds a little confusing, read this blog post for more information. I am enquiring because I can't find this sort of web virtualisation anywhere online, so I think that it would be a valuable tool for some people. If for some reason I can't host the website part with post4vps, I would be happy to move that part elsewhere. Finally, even if it is allowed, would the servers be powerful enough. I have already tested the php virtual box app locally, so I can confirm that it works.

Thanks a lot,

An obvious question may be why do you want to run a phpvirtualbox on a Linux VPS? I haven't come across anyone using this, so it's probably always good to check with the sponsor of the VPS and their TOS. Or ask them direct.

As far as I know you can do it with KVM but not OpenVZ Linux VPS - if you think about it it sort of makes sense. But possibly @Hidden Refuge can give better advice here.
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basicly no,

this is nested virtualization and mostly breaks most of the providers tos.
if you want to virtualize i advice you to get a dedicated server.

not kvm vps. from post4vps.
if you have a provider that allows it sure i guess.
Nested virtualization, no matter if it is Virtualbox or a different virtualization, is usually only possible on hardware virtualized servers such as KVM, VMWare and so on. Software virtualization or containers such as OpenVZ, LXC, Docker and similar will generally not support nested virtualization. That said you can actually run QEMU inside a OpenVZ VPS but the peformance will be very poor. That is as far as it gets in terms of "is this technically possible".

The other problem is that most likely no provider will allow this. It creates trouble of various kinds so that most providers ban such things outright.

My two cents: nested virtualization is absolutely horrible and shouldn't be done. The only thing that I and most other people would accept is running containers inside virtualized servers using Docker. Docker is simply creating containers for hosted applications on the server. So nothing is being virtualized but you still get isolated applications on your VPS without the need for multiple servers.

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