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MTA:SA and SA-MP time
How Much hours did you playing MTA:SA and/or per day ?
reply for me, i want to know Big Grin
I used to play it often!
around 1 - 5 hours a day!
now I rarely play it
since the arrival of the Fortnite Game
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Umm about 7/8 hours till now xd (SAMP)
Its like drugs for me :V I can't stop playing it
Gimme +rep Heart
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About 7-10 hours a day but now I'm bored of it xD, but I join different servers from time to time just to not forget this great game [Image: heart.png]
Im playing SAMP about 5 hours XD.. I love server have TDM gamemode, my favorite weapon is sniper and sawn.
i'm playing mta 4 hours in day and i play rpg (saur server) game mode . saur server its the best mta server . my weapon's is sniper and uzi and sawnoff
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