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Making new friends
(09-25-2019, 05:19 AM)Kururin Wrote: I would say, find the people who do not have a group yet and start a conversation. I am a college student myself and I have observed that this way works all the time. It doesn't have be anything interesting, can be mudane but if you start a conversation and keep them engaged enough they will become friends with you. Personally I start with hobby since that what connects the people most.

This is the easiest way to make friends, find others that don't seem to hang around anybody. That is how I got most of my friends once I've entered high school. Also, if you join local clubs and/or communities that are around you that is also a good way.
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always be honest with every relationship. Friendship is one and only relation which you can make your own. and you have to be honest and loyal with your friend. exchange gifts. take care of there happiness and sadness. be with them in every step and decision of life. and never involve money in friendship. every relationship is depended on compromise and understanding.
It will be cool if anyone wanna friendship with me, caz I newly joined here and I need alot of help from you. Guys! Its easy to find new members but its very hard to make a good friend.
I always meet new people around sports.

Maybe you are not the sports type, any hobby is the same. Book club? Board games?
Nowadays, there’s really no specific way of meeting new friends.

For a matter of fact, some friends are met in unexpected ways.

There’s two general ways of meeting friends:

1) You intentionally go out and start looking for friends

2) You just happen to meet someone due to other factors (e.g. you had a conversation with a stranger while waiting on let’s say a queue), and you eventually become friends with them.

As to how each one is approached, it really depends. But you need to have some common behavioral attitudes such as:

Being friendly
Being polite
And so on.
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