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OVOO - Best Software To Host A Movies Site
I have noticed my friend making a new site and he used OVOO software.
I tested it and it was really awesome!
-Its easy to use
-Gives you options for uploads (Link, File in PC, YouTube)
-Can change the movie info like name/slug/artist/director and etc even after posting the movie
-Allows u to set if you want to make it downloadable or not.
-Allows you to add more than 1 server for every movie
-You can setup a discord webhook so it can send all the new movies
I really liked it but its not free :V (43$ on codecanyon)
Buy (not aff link):
If anyone from you used it before gimme your opinion.
Does it really deserves the 43$ or what?
Gimme +rep Heart
[Image: img.php?userid=496]
Thanks For Post4VPS and HostLease for the amazing VPS 18
At first, I thought you were talking about hosting movies privately like PLEX. I am not sure how this could be used legally, but I am sure that someone is looking for this. Upon looking at the script, it seems like it does, after all, deserve the 43$. It looks well scripted and is very clean and fast. I believe this kind of site is used for search engines that find pirated movies, which is fine but I am surprised that something like that could be sold on codecanyon.
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Personally, I think Wordpress's PSYPlay theme is better.
1. With wordpress, you can install many plugins.
2. Easier to customize with interface.
3. There is a very active Wordpress community.

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