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Poll: What will you do?
I will sick with PHP, I like it and I will continue to use it
I will learn P++, I like the new ideology. P++ is better then PHP
I will use both, if they can coexist, why don't use their best together?
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PHP is getting a brother, codename P++
This thread is my personal summary of the recent announce of a new dialect of PHP which codename is P++. You can read the full information herehere2 here3.
My summaries are not the FULL INFORMATION FORMAT, I like to make joke to ease the reading, so bear me.
So, let's start.
When I first read the name of P++ I thought: Did Python and C++ have a child? But... Python is derived from C++... W-----WHAT?
After patching up my sick mind, I jumped on the article:
P++ is the temporary name of the new in-development dialect of PHP, this new dialect can be seen as a "new ideology" of PHP. The aim of P++ is to provide "a stricter language, with reduced baggage and more advanced/complex features" (literally from here1 link).
#1 Oh man, a new interpreter? Do I have to go crazy setting up it?  Dodgy
  • The PHP team said that this new dialect will run on the same code-base as PHP and when you install one you are installing also the otherParty
#2 Hmm wait man, I am seriously worried! The PHP team will develop also P++?! Did they discover the secret of time traveling? Where they find the time to support both languages?!  WoW
  • Well, I don't know if they discovered the secret of time traveling (but I think yes? It is strange that they finally woke up and decided to bring fresh air on web-dev PHP world. MAYBE they saw the death of PHP on the future and now they are trying to create a PARADOX to prevent it.), but stop worrying: the PHP team assured that there will be not waste of effort, PHP and P++ will run on the same code-base and the development process consists of particular if statement to handle the behavior of the new dialect.  Blush
#3 Do I have to choose on which language work? Can I one-click convert my PHP code into P++?  Sad
  • Hmm well, there are a lot of information right now but PHP and P++ can be runned on the same server and they CAN COEXISTS, what I mean? Well you can create PHP apps and P++ apps but you can build also hybrid apps which uses PHP and P++ .  
  • P++ will bring a lot of changes, think about it as a SUPER STRICT MODE and a cleanup of code, so your PHP code will not likely run out-of-the-box on P++.  Confused
  • It is still unclear how the new dialect file will be marked but the PHP team provided us an example of header file:
<?php 'Hello, POST4VPS!'; ?>
#4 P++ will be a big change... Will we be bare-naked without tooling support? LARAVEL, WHERE WILL BE LARAVEL SUPPORTED?! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!  Crazy 
  • Being bare-naked is not a good experience, but every language has that moment when it comes out. I am not your tool developer but I think that given the appropriate time this new "language" will be supported by IDEs and tools in general. You can only hope, like me, to a FAST support of this new dialect.
I can only suggest you to go shopping some clothes! It is cold out there, don't catch a cold!  Troll
#5 Man, you can't joke with me. P++ is basically the same kind of project as HACK!  Rolleyes
  • Well, as PHP team explained, to use HACK you had to start over learning from scratch (setting up, usage, test). P++ consists on a very similar PHP experience. If you can set up a PHP environment... P++ will be the same. Every software suite that ships PHP will ship P++ without any critical change. 
#6 So, tell me the changes, will it perform faster?  Thinking
  • Well, I don't know. No information about performance has been given. But I personally thing that will be the same as PHP7 and the future PHP8.
  • Regarding the changes... well there is not a list available but here a IMPORTANT CHANGE:
Quote:array() will be deprecated in favour of []
I AM CRYING, RIGHT NOW. DECLARE ARRAY WITH [], I am dead? I am dreaming? Please don't revive/wake up me!

So, let's do a poll:
  • I will stick with PHP, I like it and I will continue using it.
  • I will learn P++, I like the new ideology. P++ is better then PHP.
  • I will use both. If they can coexists, why don't use the best of them?
I will use both, if we can combine them it will be easy to learn which changes has been made and find out the best of P++.

Thanks for your time.
I tried to ease the reading with a funny/joke behavior I hope you liked it.

Pardon my English. I am trying hard to improve it and became fluent! 
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